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So apparently I’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of the new Lara croft.

Yes,  I’m sure this is old news for a lot of you but for the un-informed (such as myself).

Here is the new Lara Croft!

Alison Carroll (born March 27, 1985) is an English gymnast and model and the official Lara Croft model from 2008.

She was born in the London Borough of Croydon in England.

She has represented Great Britain as a professional display gymnast, and has performed in front of Prince Charles. She was also a children’s gymnastics coach, choreographing the winning junior team at the British National Gymnastics Championships.

In August 2008 she was announced as the new Lara Croft model for the latest game, Tomb Raider: Underworld. At the time she was working as a receptionist at a golf club. Carroll replaced Karima Adebibe, who retired from the role earlier in the year.

Personally I like her a lot better than her:

She is the first Lara Croft model with ACTUAL gymnastic skills.

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