Gerard Way. Does this name sound familiar? Gerard is the lead singer for the band “My Chemical Romance”. I never knew this before but apparently he is also the writer for Dark Horse’s “The Umbrella Academy”.















So how did Gerard Way break into the comic industry? He got hooked up by Jim Krueger (Avengers/Invaders co-writer).

Gerard was interning @ DC when he randomly met Krueger on the train. Krueger caught a glimpse of Gerard’s sketchbook and was impressed. This was the beginning of a relationship that eventually launched Gerard’s comic book career. Jim Krueger liked Gerard’s work so much that he started paying him to work on comics such as, "Foot Soldiers".

The final chapter of The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite by Gerard Way and Artist Gabriel B. goes on sale Feb. 20, 2008. It has unique art and I think its good, so if you have a chance pick it up.

Go here for a preview: Umbrella Academy

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