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I just saw this trailer and I can’t get over how bad this movie looks…

I was actually excited when I first heard about a live-action DBZ movie but now my hopes have been crushed.

This trailer looks NOTHING like this:

Damn, what a fine way to kill a classic…

I heard they are also making a live-action Ghost in the Shell movie… lets hope they don’t mess that one up either.

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  1. What the… aww. Alot of fans will be disappointed! =T

  2. My son used to love DBZ. But I doubt if he would like this movie. It’s quite not good.

  3. yea i was pretty disappointed with the trailer.

  4. It’s a must see, imo. You saw how good they made Piccolo look?

  5. LOL, Piccolo looks like a weird green variant of Freddy Krueger.

    still LOLing about “…knives, stabbing weapons”

  6. i think this movie looks awsome i already preordered tickets for this prince of persia and transformers i cant wait

  7. really? I grew up with dragonball so I feel like it doesnt live up to the original series. I hope the movie does well though.

  8. the trailer is wack

  9. wow this trailer made me laugh. This movie is definitely going to suck.
    That other clip broght me back to the past though.

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