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* First off I’d like to thank Mr.C for lending me the comics to begin with. You inspired this entry.

I recently saw a trailer for “Wanted” while I was waiting for I AM LEGEND and to be honest the movie didn’t strike me as anything special. I figured it would just be another average shoot’ em up movie. However a co-worker of mine lent me the Wanted Comic series and now my perspective has changed. Wanted could actually kick some serious ass. The comic was created by an awesome team including, Mark Millar, JG Jones and Paul Mounts. They are a couple of the most talented people in the comic book industry.

The comic evolves around Wesley Gibson: an average guy leading an average life. One fateful day he finds out that his father was a legendary criminal in a secret society of Super Villains. Wesley is eventually recruited into the organization and follows in the footsteps of his old man. The comic is really GRAPHIC and there is a lot of sex, violence & mayhem.













Due to the graphic nature of the comic, I highly doubt the movie will be following it too closely. Although I really hope it does. In the comic, Villains win, Wesley becomes a super villain, and Mr. Wesley kicks ASS. He steals from the poor, murders innocent people and pillages unsuspecting citizens.

Although this sounds horrid it’s an interesting twist from the do-gooder norm.


The comic is GREAT & the movie has potentials to be AWESOME.

Keep your eyes open.












Check out this trailer I made!


PS. I wrote this pretty late so please excuse any grammatical errors.

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6 Responses to “Wanted Comic Review & Movie Preview”
  1. gotdumplings says:

    This sounds like a good date movie >.<
    Perhaps I should get my hands on a copy of the comics. *cough* What are ur views about the casting?

  2. okami136 says:

    Hi, nice vid but the quality is kinda bad. Yea Mark Millar is prob one of the best writers out there.
    Dunno if it will be a good date movie though.

  3. gotdumplings says:

    Hehe. i know. I was being facetious. -_-

  4. Wrixel says:
    @ gotdumplings, lets go watch it! =D, ill get the tickets you get the food. Yea it would be nice if someone got you the comics, *cough*…
    I think Halie Berry wouldve been better as “FOX”

    @okami, yea i was looking for a high res trailer to download but i couldnt find one. I agree Millar kicks ass.

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