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My best moment in NYCC 2008 wasn’t the booth babes or the comics but a panel on Video Game Journalism. The panel was lead by Quinn Wageman (from TriplePoint) and featured four industry professionals:

Andrew Yoon from “Joystiq” & Hal Halpin from “ECA”    ||










Do you ever get the feeling that Gamers are not represented in the press or politics? ECA’s goal is to give game consumers a large voice.


Julianne Greer from “The Escapist”  & Matthew Hawkins from “Gamasutra, GameSetWatch” ||








Julianna Greer features “ZERO punctuation”.  OmG >.<

The panel was especially meaningful to me because it felt as if the panelists were describing me. 

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m ALWAYS working on this website. I’m constantly looking up information on video games, anime, html, layout design, etc, etc.

During the panel Julianne Geer said, “Its 3:30 on a Sunday and I’m working”. I started cracking up because that’s EXACTLY how I feel while working on this site. Its 12:00 AM on a Sunday and I’m trying to get this post in before I get to sleep. The panelists told of their humble beginnings and how things changed with hard work and passion.  I learned a lot from this panel and it has definitely inspired me to continue on my current path.  I’d also like to thank each speaker for spending extra time at the end of the Panel.

some more pics from the panel








The host with the most Quinn Wageman from Triple point.  









A pic with Andrew Yoon.  Seriously go to  He JUST wrote about Metal Gear Solid Online.


Stay Tuned…

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  1. Nice pics. Your website is coming along.

  2. haha i’m sorry for the horrible picture!

  3. Good site I \”Stumbledupon\” it today and gave it a stumble for you.. looking forward to seeing what else you have..later

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