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Day 2 of NY Comic Con 2008.


First things first, a request from JACOB, here you go buddy.

Here are the booth babes from the Ayre Force booth!

Cosplayer Michelle is also in the picture.  I’ll try to get a better one tomorrow!!












Jenna Jameson Panel Video.  She was a great speaker truly amazing.

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LUIGI & Marth Brawl it out!!!












MEDIC !!!!  TF 2 !! Classic Picture….he claims he was charging for UBER.



















A fan & Captain America… wait a minute.. I thought YOUs WAS DEAD?!













Call of Duty the CARD GAME?!?  Are you serious?? uhhh




















DREAD FORCE!  The art work is amazing.  Definitely worth checking out.












Master Chief kicking ass!!!




















WoW figurines Preview.  The next batch.  They all look pretty badass.























I’m way too sleepy to continue but here is footage from MARVEL’s 2 upcoming GAMES:



some kid is having a blast and is GLUED to the game.

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I ask the Game Rep to “Doing Something Crazy”

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I think these guys were playing in the WoW TCG Championships or something.












2 JEDI vs 1 Sith…  i thought these guys had awesome costumes.













Good ol Naruto.  You never fail to impress me.












Some other Cosplays I saw.  Green Lantern, Spiderman, and Superman.













As you serious?  Those game developers took the phrase “WAR ON TERROR” literally.














The best Ghost Buster costumers ever!  They mentioned that organizing a Ghost Busters Convention…















The prince Caspian panel.  I couldn’t get close enough to get a good picture.  THe movie looks great and they mentioned that they will be making the “Voyage of the Dawn Treader”












itssa mee MARIOOOOO




















CHILLIN with my homie the SWEAR BEAR….yea F*ck you too
















Good old eva 02, i’ll always <3 you…




















I JUST CANT seem to remember where this is from… its on the tip of my brain.

































Geek Bouteek!  The next J!NX !!! buy here 












MGS4 is coming out soon!! Holy crap.  I’m glad they made Raiden cool.





















Yea if you saw a cardboard box hovering around…. yea that was me.












I’m always skeptical of these movie to video game transitions.




















The Marvel Booth had a huge HULK replica…. it was awesome.













I’m a huge fan of the civilization series but I’m skeptical of the move to consoles.













The art work for WoW Cards is always amazing.






















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5 Responses to “NY Comic Con Coverage 4/19/08 (Part 2 of 3)”
  1. vampireblaze says:

    Woah who are the girls on the top picture? The one on the far left is smokin’! More of them please!

  2. Jacob says:

    u r the man! You posted the exact pic of the burnette I was talksh
    about! Now if only you could get a bigger picture of just her as well as her backside…

  3. Davis says:

    lol thanks for asking that lady to jump up the wall as Hulk

  4. Wrixel says:
    glad I made everyone happy! Yea the HULK game looks awesome! I’m happy the lady actually listened to me.
  5. marvel says:

    […] Includes a video from the Jenna Jameson Panel, 2 marvel games and a BUNCH of pictures! Part 2 of 3. Ultimate AllianceMARVEL, and all related character names and the distinctive likenesses […]

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