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The first couple of minutes of episode 1 showed a lot of promise. The animation was slick and the L’Arc~en~Ciel Intro song was just awesome. However as I continued watching my opinion changed.

The Gundam series is known for its over top Mechs battles coupled with riveting stories. The series is kinda like “Final Fantasy” in the sense that they constantly create new stories under the same “GUNDAM” theme.

I don’t want to spoil the first episode but the basic premise looks like its super powered GUNDAMs vs the rest of the world. A special military organization called “Celestial Being” has created DIESAL robots called, “Gundam”. Celestial Being” is trying to achieve world peace by destroying anyone who wants to fight. They utilize Gundams to eradicate war by using extreme force. This is a huge oxymoron and it doesn’t really make sense to me.  How would waging war on everyone create peace? Regardless the battle sequence in Episode 1 was splendid. If you are looking for stylish Mech action then look no further.

Although the first episode was aesthetically pleasing it didn’t really pique my interest.  I am always turned off by the political undertones of the GUNDAM series. This particular season doesn’t seem to stray much from it time tested formula. If you haven’t watched “Code Geass” I would highly recommend watching that instead.  If fact I think I’ll watch Code Geass again before I continue with Gundam 00. Keep in mind these are my initial thoughts after viewing EPISODE 1 and the series will probably get a lot better as the story and characters develop. 

In summary, Gundam 00 doesn’t warrant a wriXeL endorsement. The series might pick up later on but until then you won’t see me running home to download the next episode.  I plan on writing another review after the series ends. Hopefully the series will get better.

On a side note what does everyone watch these days?? Is it just me or is Anime sucking a lot these days?

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  1. The animation looks tight, and even more so the Gundam design thus far, but I personally have always been deterred from watching Gundam Series. This mainly because of the series’ tendency to portray political issues that are sometimes boring, and convoluted, that they take away from the action; which I would not mind seeing more of.

  2. I agree. After watching countless gundam series, it was always about political issues. well, SEED didn’t contain that much of it but it’s still there. There’s just no fresh plot, always the same.. sigh

  3. *sigh indeed

    hey Venom, you would watch Code Geass! Its really good and i highly recommend it.

  4. Which Gundam series is rated as the best, saw some of Gundam Wing on tv once..

  5. the best rated Gundam is “GUNDAM SEED” i recommend watching that!

  6. very nice info.thank you

  7. ive been watching this series on monday after wrestling and the animation was all right the charictors and the gundam animation was good but everthing was a little bland so far i give this series a 6 out of 10 i hope it gets better cause im a big gundam fan but after seeing great gundam series like gundam wing gundam seed and gundam seed destiny so far it feels to me that bandai could have done better the story reminds me somewhat of gundam wing which is ok sound effects i give a 5 its not as good as some sound effect as wing or seed no big exsplosions so rock my sound system like seed did no guys screaming as they died no big blaster sounds no aa guns no nucs and no big soundtrack like on wing or seed or the other series all of this made me kind of sad cause thats what mecha series r about me pesonally was hoping they would make a 3rd and final series of gundam seed but maybe they will
    bottom line
    the series so far is meh ok i guess i doesent get me pumpin like gundam seed or wing i hope the story will get better cause right now its not that good but i have faith in bandai hell they made code geass eureka and more
    final grade
    pros- ok looking gundams and good chariactor animations english voice actors from gundam seed
    cons-storys a snooze mobile suits look crappy chrictors dont keep me intertained haro is anoroying instead of funny this series just dosent get u no big gundam fights like athrun vs kira hero vs zechs

  8. haha you prety much summarized what I said in a few lines

    Gundam 00 Season 1 pretty much sets up the story for Season 2. which is airing now in Japan. I like Seed the best but “00″ is growing on me.
    I always dislike English dubbing but they did a decent job this time.

    Yea “00″ is as good as previous but still worth while

  9. yeah your probaly right il still watch it after wrestling on sci fi
    and my favorites gundam r seed followed closly by gundam wing then destiny and as far as dubbing goes i like both dubbing and sub the only dubs i hat r people that didblue dragon some of yugioh but some of the best dubs in my mind r dragonball ranma yuyuhakusho gundam seed outlaw star cowboybebop negima digimon bleach code geass naruto just to name a few
    also if u want to see a good mecha series check out code geass ITS AWSOME ENJOY

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