Wildstorm builds upon the insanely successful World of Warcraft and takes it into the realm of comics. While taking many story elements from the game the comic still manages to entertain those who are unfamiliar with Warcraft lore. Critically acclaimed artist Jim Lee masterfully crafts the cover for the first issue. Any WoW player will immediately recognize the cover as the “Barrens”



















Jim Lee cover is complimented by a fantastic crew featuring writer Walter Simonson, and pencils by Ludo Lullabi. Inks and colors are done by Sandra Hope and Randy Mayor.  While knowledge about the game is not required to enjoy this comic it definitely helps. WoW players will immediately identity characters by their classes and see familiar landmarks such as Durotar.

You can see this Shaman Frost Shocking this Crocolisk:




















The story focuses around a Gladiator owner named Rehgar. It is almost exactly like Gladiator with Russell Crowe, except in the WOW universe. The story is entertaining and the art is amazing. I do not want to ruin the story so pick up the comic if you are interested. This is a must buy for any WOW or Comic book fan.










Wrixel gives Wildstorm’s WORLD OF WARCRAF Comic a blazing 8.85 / 10.00

It is highly recommended now GO GET IT! You can read it during your RAIDS!

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