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Kaba Modern is a street dance group established in 1992 by a group of "kababayans", headed by Arnel Calvario, at the University of California, Irvine. Originally put together to perform as "The Modern Suite" at their Filipino Culture Night (PCN), the group has evolved from being a PCN suite to becoming one of the most well known hip hop groups in California.

A 6-person segment of their team auditioned for, and succeeded in, the right to compete as one of 12 dance crews in the first season of Randy Jackson’s interactive reality show, America’s Best Dance Crew broadcast on MTV in early 2008. Although the group made it to the top 3, they were eliminated in week 7.

Here is a compilation of their videos:

Live Auditions Special (Aired 1/26/08)

The crews danced to a Master Mix made by DJ Rashida.


Episode 1 (Aired 2/7/08)

For their debut performance KM chose "Technologic" by Daft Punk.

Episode 2 (Aired 2/14/08)

Kaba Modern was given the music video for "Wall to Wall" by Chris Brown.

Episode 3 (Aired 2/21/08)

Kaba Modern was had to perform to Lil Mama’s own G-Slide from her hit single "G-Slide (Tour Bus)". The group also had to perform a life as a challenge.

Episode 4 (Aired 2/28/08)

KM performed to Snoop Dogg’s Sensual Seduction. The challenge for this week was to create a story through their performance.

Episode 5 (Aired 3/6/08)

KM performed to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Episode 6 (Aired 3/13/08)

Kaba Modern was given a remix of "You’re the One That I Want" from the musical Grease. The Broadway move challenge was the Knee Slide.

Episode 7 (Aired 3/20/08)

Kaba Modern performed to 6 songs:

Song Funkytown by Lipps Inc

It’s Like That by Run DMC

It’s Just Begun by Jimmy Castor Push It by Salt-n-Pepa

Bye Bye Bye by *NSYNC

Get Buck in Here by DJ Felli Fel

Episode 8 (Aired 3/27/08)

The JabbaWockeeZ, Fysh N Chicks and KabaModern performed a reunion dance together as part of the western crews.




So what did you all think??  Awesome???



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  1. cool vids. I liked Jabba much better though.

  2. hey, can you send the videos to me?

  3. Ya’ll tight for having this..

  4. On episode two above, you see the host Mario Lopez. He is pretty talented and just started playing in Broadway’s a Chorus Line.

    Anyway, these dancers have some mad moves.

    Thanks for posting the videos.

  5. hey how did you download these videos?

  6. Can i use these videos to make one video on youtube. . . . . PLEASE!!!

  7. thats a GREAT idea! GO FOR IT!! please link me when you are done.

  8. Can you please send me all of these videos… please!!!

  9. Can you please send me all of these vids… please!!!

  10. yo Jessica you can download them @ the LINK above.

  11. how do rip the videos from viddler??

    thanks dude.. go kaba!!

  12. i’ve watched the show since season 1 and i haven’t seen anybody better than kaba modern. i think that they were the best and should’ve won. im a dancer for 13 years and sort of know what im talking about. these guys were amazing and its really hard to find good video quality of youtube or anywhere on them… so thanks!

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