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I had low expectation for this movie but I was pleasantly surprised. The movie revolves around a rebellious teen named Jake Tyler (Sean Faris) and his career as a amateur fighter.  The movie begins with Jake getting beat up by a martial arts Champion, Ryan McCarthy (Cam Gigandet). Jake not only gets his ass kicked but is humiliated in front of the whole school.  In his quest for revenge Jake attempts to learn MMA (mixed martial arts). In the process he finds a mentor and learns that life is more than just fighting.










Besides from Jean Roqua, I didn’t recognize anyone in the cast.  I think using no name actors made the film more believable.











I felt that the title of the film was misleading.  The movie emphasizes that you can always “change your position” in fighting and also in life.  You have options and you can shape your actions to influence the world around you.  The film stresses each person’s individual struggles and how one must overcome them.  I feel that the title “Never Back Down” doesn’t full encapsulate the movie in its entirety. “NEVER BACK DOWN” sounds like a meat heads workout motto. 

The Marketing budget for this movie must’ve been really small because 80% of the people that I asked didn’t know of the film.  The trailer could have also been a lot better. 

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Some parts/dialogue of the movie were so excruciatingly corny that I burst into laughter.  I think the movie should have either gone “PG” or “R”.  Go straight up Disney, or step it up to Fight Club level.  It was stuck at a PG13 level that didn’t appeal to any audience.  It had situations that young-ins couldn’t relate to and older audiences were probably cracking up at the obscurity.









In conclusion, NBD felt like a modern day Karate Kid and despite its shortcomings I enjoyed the movie a lot.  The MMA (mixed martials arts) was cool and it was entertaining.

wriXeL recommends NBD and gives it a 7.3 out of 10.

PS.  wriXeL would like to Thank KanZen.

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  1. digifooo says:

    sorry i disagree, i thiought this movie sucked. the MMA was decent but the acting was unbearable

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    thanks! check out the other reviews
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