Rescue Dawn is about the trails and tribulations of a pilot name Dieter Dengler. Dieter Dengler becomes a POW and suffers many hardships throughout the movie. Dieter is played by Christian Bale and the movie was directed by Werner Herzog. I am a huge fan of Christian Bale and his work in the movie was absolutely amazing. I am always surprised at how well he plays his roles. Despite Christian Bale’s superb performance I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I thought I would. I’m going to break down the reason why I like and dislike this movie.












* Spoilers Ahead *

Here are the reasons why I disliked the movie:

· Dieter gets shot down so quickly it’s ridiculous.

· The movie was too long. I believed the same message could have been present in a shorter time frame.

· The beginning of the movie was slow.

· Dieter rarely shows weakness, never fails, making it hard to take the character seriously

· He survives in a jungle for weeks, learns to hunt and becomes Tarzan without explanation.

· I was actually expecting more than 30 seconds of action

Reasons why I liked this movie:

· Christian Bale’s performance is amazing.

· The cinematography was amazing and the scenery was breathtaking.

· The 15 minutes escape scene was worth the wait.

· When he finally gets rescued, you actually feel happy for him


The movie has its moments and has breath taking scenery, but it’s nowhere near, Apocalypse Now or Platoon. This film was critically acclaimed but I’m afraid I do not share the same enthusiasm. Although I didn’t think the movie was great I still think its worth renting from Blockbuster or Netflix.

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