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Beginners Guide to Free Games (Part 1 Nintendo DS)

A co-worker of mine keeps complaining that her kid’s games are “too damn expensive”.

I agree.

Rock Band costs $160, Guitar Hero 3 costs $90 and any average game for a console costs $60. Games really are too damn expensive. Her son plays Nintendo DS, so I figure I teach her a way that she can save a LOT of money on DS games. Before we begin let me state that I’m not an advocator of pirated goods. Please purchase your games!!

Anyways moving on,

For NINTENDO DS games the clear solution is the R4 Chip.

This chip is hands down the BEST NDS investment you can make.

You can download virtually any Nintendo DS game into the chip and then run it on your Nintendo DS. The chip contains a small slot for a SD memory card (which holds the games). The R4DS cartridge and 1 GB Sandisk will cost you about $80 but you will instantly make your money back after you download 2 or 3 games.

There are a lot of sites where you can download EVERY single DS game every made.

Here is one I recommend:

After writing this little entry I found this Youtube video describing the installation process. Berry nice!

I hope this helps. Stay Tuned maybe I’ll write about free Xbox 360 games or something.

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This entry was posted on Sunday, February 17th, 2008 at 11:49 pm.
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  1. I’ve been thinking about getting a DS but the thought of the “too darn expensive” games has been holding me back.. I’m definitely going to reconsider that thought as soon as I persuade my boyfriend to buy me the console! =)
    This entry was really helpful, thanks!

  2. hey you,

    yea its definitely fun for those long trips.
    You can borrow mine anytime ^_~.

  3. Where can I download games for Nintendo DS? And I want to be sure that they are in english. Thanks

  4. hey alex, you can get them @
    they are all in English!

    if you are familiar with Bit torrent you can also get them on

    email me if you have any more questions.

  5. sam

    really helped thanks now i know where i was going wrong

  6. thanks, I just got a DS and this helped me out a lot.

  7. glad I could help ^^

  8. Hey, there are really many good ds games, Pokemon, Mario, and if you need to download many games to your DS console, the fire cards could be of help, not only R4 revolution, also K6, DSTT, N5 etc.

    Here it is:

  9. BEN


  10. Hi!Ibought an r4 but i dident received the cd do you know were can i downloadit!Thank you so much Federica

  11. i bought an R4 2gb for my ds in thailand the lady that sold it to me for like 40euros gave me a cd with 500 extra games

  12. wow steve thats an awesome deal! =D
    i wish i got that

  13. Hi,
    I bought the R4 DS for my son, I can only say I have never been so pissed off with a product in all my life.
    Its a bloody disgrace that someone can sell an item like this without any instructions whatsoever.
    I am not a newbie but I am no computer genius either and to think that you end up with a pile of hardware and no further info is a joke.
    I would discourage anybody but only those who know a hell of alot about software from buying this. “Plug and Play ” it certaintly is not.
    I contacted “support” and all I get is an email to tell me to download the software from a site….. Download to what? do what with it?
    Only for the You tube video above I would have gone off my head.
    After paying €30 I expect alot more than a piece of hardware and no instructions.

  14. im sorry to hear you had a hard time with the R4.
    If you have additional problems, send me an email and maybe i can help out.

  15. just wonting to know a good site to download free ds games and if you would have a spare ra disc as i did nt get oe either from carmel

    is an awesome site for DS backups.
    We do not have spare R4 Discs nor do we distribute them, Sorry

  17. i want a new nintendo for free

  18. I’ve just bought a nintendo Ds lite with R4DS for my son, but I don’t know how to download free games from some websites.

  19. Hi
    I dowloaded walle and saved it on the r4. when i accessed the game it prompted me to create a save file which i did. Then when the game up it gave an error message saying save file is corrupt. what did i do wrong

  20. @ Chase
    Sorry but we dont give out “free DS”

    @ Kitten
    if you follow the link about you will be able to find them… if you have more trouble shoot me an email.

    you didnt do anything wrong. You will most likely have to update the firmware on your R4. The newer games dont run on an old firmware of the R4. Let me know if it works.

  21. Thanks Wrixel, at least I got a reply from you. I know how to download the free Nintendo Ds games. But the web site does not have many games. Could you please advice me any more web site to down load free Nintendo Ds games, because I want those games: Kungfu Panda & Wall-e.
    Thank you very much and looking forward to you reply

  22. DR

    hello what a brave new world it is and i’m just discovering it with my son. where does one get these magic 4 files if one does not have the CD with the R4? And how do you update the firmware on the R4?

  23. I have acekard card but i was wondering if the R4ds firmware is compartible with my acekard2 card

  24. PUP

    is it legal to download ds games for free? just wonderimg cause i don’t want to do illegal acts because i’m only 13.

  25. Hi Wrixel, I got a Edge card with the list of the games in there, I just want to ask: during playing a game, I just want to change another game How to get back to the list without turning the power of the console off.

  26. @ kitten, unforutnately im not too familiar with the edge card. I usually just power off and then power on =T sorry

    hey updating firmware instructions should be online, its usually a matter of swapping out a few files.

    @Darren, dunno about the acekard, sorry!

    @Pup, its legal to download these games, IF you already have a copy PURCHASED, otherwise dont mess with it, stay in school.

  27. hi there i have also brought a r4 card but got no cd what do i do nowas cant put the files on that you have said about please help

  28. if you visit the R4 website, they have instructions… I believe you can DL all the files you need.

    good luck

  29. Hey… Do you have to use a micro SD card? Or could you just use an SD card?

  30. you need a micro SD card

  31. can i use 1 gb memory stick micro sd card instead of sandisc?

  32. Hi
    Can I ask a question if you have this can you save the games as you could if you had the actual game cartridge in? A friend mentioned to me that you cant get in and out of the games and that you may not be able to save the progress you have made in a game and have to start from the beginning to get back to where you were if that makes sense?
    Also that you have to turn the nintendo on and off to get back into a different game you cant exit?

  33. i just got my new ds with the edge card. i haven’t tried downloading games because i don’t know how. but i do know how to switch in between games without turning the console off.

    You have to press the L, R and A, B, X, Y buttons simultaneously.

    Hope i helped.

  34. Press R, L, A, X, Y, B buttons simultaneously

  35. hello, were do u get the games from xx??

  36. Does it matter what version firmware is on your R4 card to what is on your DS Lite ?

  37. You will have to update your firmware on your R4 chip once in a while to play recent games.

    The DS lite does have firmware updates.

    So yes it does matter what firmware your R4 chip is running.
    Updates are pretty easy to do.

  38. Hi Wrixel.
    After I have seen the tutorial with the R4 card, I have now bought one.
    I can get it to work proberly. When I have DL the R4 system files V1.11 and others (up to V1.18) just for trying, the only thing I get is the screen “Loading…” nothing else happens….
    Can you tell me whats wrong here???
    Thanks in advance…

  39. It is accually a R4 SDHC - Has it someting to do with that?

  40. Hi Daugaard,

    Actually the SDHC does have something to do with that.
    I believe the R4 SDHC uses a different files.

    Try downloading the 1.25 kernel here.

    This should work…if not let me know.
    Hope this helps.

  41. It worked… Thanks a lot.
    Btw… I have heard that there is a iPOD emulator for NDS.
    Do you know where I might find that?

  42. Hello evrybody can some one help me please : who hase a copy for me from the instalation cd voor de R4-III REVOLUTION FOR DS (NDSL/NDS)CARD

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