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Last Thursday I had the opportunity to catch the new Kung-fu flick, “The Forbidden Kingdom”(FB). I saw the trailer for this movie a couple months ago and it left a great impression on me. Here is the trailer:


Awesome trailer right?

I try to watch movies without any expectations but after watching this trailer its hard not to expect a lot.  I was ready to be disappointed with the film, but to my surprise the movie actually met my high standards.



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Soon after the PSP was first announced, gaming forums came alive with talks of portable Final Fantasy games.  This immediately sparked my attention and got me excited about the PSP. I had grandiose images of a portable RPG that I could play on my daily commute.  Once Square-Enix announced that FF7: Crisis Core would be coming out for the PSP, my dream had come true.  Not only was this a traditional Square-Enix RPG but a prelude to one of my favorite RPGs of all time. After years of waiting, I’ve finally got my copy of Crisis Core (CC).  Who was this mysterious Zack from FF7?  What was Aeris like before she met Cloud?  Did this game live up to my expectations?  Is it everything I’ve always dreamed for?


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With its slick characters designs and intuitive co-op systems, EA promised a gaming experience that was truly unique.  Although Army of 2 delivers on many of these promises, ultimately the game falls just short of being a masterpiece.

Having played through the game numerous times with my friend Neo Nova X, here is what we’ve noticed…

Let’s start with “The GOOD”


Army of 2 had an awesome idea of letting players customize their weapons.  Players could earn cash by completing missions and then use these funds to unlock upgrades on their weapons.  From silencers to grenade launchers players had numerous options at their disposal.  This is an awesome feature and players will spend a lot of time make sure they are nicely equipped.   Once you get a GOLD AK-47 its hard to use anything else.

CO-OP Shield Usage

Throughout the game you are given the option to pick up a shield and use it as cover.  You can walk in front of your teammate and protect him as he takes out enemies.  I found this to be very entertaining and useful in tight situations.  Hilarity ensured when we would walk right up to an enemy and bash his face in.  Ahh the Good times. =D

Camera System

AO2 had a great camera system. I never had a camera issue throughout the whole game. It was easy to see your enemies and change angles to catch all the action.  


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My best moment in NYCC 2008 wasn’t the booth babes or the comics but a panel on Video Game Journalism. The panel was lead by Quinn Wageman (from TriplePoint) and featured four industry professionals:

Andrew Yoon from “Joystiq” & Hal Halpin from “ECA”   www.joystiq.com    ||      http://www.theeca.com/










Do you ever get the feeling that Gamers are not represented in the press or politics? ECA’s goal is to give game consumers a large voice.


Julianne Greer from “The Escapist”  & Matthew Hawkins from “Gamasutra, GameSetWatch”

www.escapistmagazine.com || www.fort90.com








Julianna Greer features “ZERO punctuation”.  OmG >.<

The panel was especially meaningful to me because it felt as if the panelists were describing me. 


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