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Hello Blizzard,

First let me begin by telling you how much I love WOW. It’s a great game and I’ve wasted months of my life playing it. Now here are a few suggestions that I think would help improve the game.

In no specific order:

· Make Better Maps: Current maps are decent but I think you could really enhance this portion of the game. I think you could take the current “ATLAS” maps and improve them. Perhaps you could implement “discovering” maps which can be added to your map collection. It would also be nice to have an interactive map where leaders could issue commands to specific groups.

· More Solo Content: Raiding and 5-Manning instances are always fun but sometimes I just want to be a lone-wolf. I hate having to ask people to run daily escort quests or finding a party for a heroic run. Diablo 2 had a fun feature of being able to hire a mercenary. Why don’t you bring this back? It would be interesting to be able to hire a whole party instead of one mercenary. This will obviously radically change the game but I think it would be a great feature. This would save a lot of us from spamming “LF Tank”.

· More Scalable Content: When is the last time you’ve been to the Scarlet Monetary or Winterspring? Molten Core? BWL? Blizzard had the right idea of adding “HEROIC MODE”, now just make it apply to everything. How about “Heroic Mode” Scarlet Monetary? Seriously add 1 or 2 mobs and tweak the boss encounters and your golden. If you make Herod drops a rare level 70 BLUE you’ll see people flocking back through the Dark portal. (Maybe 70s will have a pleasant walk through memory lane). On the flip side maybe you can implement a Black Temple or Naxx “Easy Mode”. Easy Mode can feature subpar weapons but now casual players can actually learn the lore and experience new content.

· Stop making new RAID Content: The Black Temple was played by a small percentage of your top players. Seriously make a couple instances for the rest of us. The majority of the WoW population will not be going to BLACK TEMPLE anytime soon. As I had mentioned early, scalable content (easy mode) can fix this situation.

· More Customization: Guild Wars has an amazing customization system. Special dyes help distinguish characters from each other. The expansion looks like its going in the right direction but please make it more than just changeable hair. How about Armor Colors, Unique Eye Glows, Mount Colors?

· MORE ARENA: I actually happy with the current arena system but I still think it could be better. We have come a long way from the days of WSG! I believe more options & features can help arena be even more popular. How about non-combat viewers? I think it would be neat to sit around the arena and watch teams fight. You can scout out new strategies and see what top teams do to win. You can even charge viewers gold per fight.

· More WORLD EVENTS: Opening the Gates to AQ40 was one of the coolest world events. The war effort was a great way to get players to band together for a common goal. I remember my server only had 1 guy who could make spotted yellow tail food and everyone on the server would mail him the mats. Another one of these would be cool.

· Better Voice Communication: Instead of creating a new voice communication system why don’t you just partner with Ventrilo or Teamspeak? We all know you can afford it. The voice communication you put in isn’t that great.

Well that’s my list. If you guys have any questions leave comments or email me and I’ll tell you me char name and server!!

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Rescue Dawn is about the trails and tribulations of a pilot name Dieter Dengler. Dieter Dengler becomes a POW and suffers many hardships throughout the movie. Dieter is played by Christian Bale and the movie was directed by Werner Herzog. I am a huge fan of Christian Bale and his work in the movie was absolutely amazing. I am always surprised at how well he plays his roles. Despite Christian Bale’s superb performance I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as I thought I would. I’m going to break down the reason why I like and dislike this movie.












* Spoilers Ahead *

Here are the reasons why I disliked the movie:

· Dieter gets shot down so quickly it’s ridiculous.

· The movie was too long. I believed the same message could have been present in a shorter time frame.

· The beginning of the movie was slow.

· Dieter rarely shows weakness, never fails, making it hard to take the character seriously

· He survives in a jungle for weeks, learns to hunt and becomes Tarzan without explanation.

· I was actually expecting more than 30 seconds of action

Reasons why I liked this movie:

· Christian Bale’s performance is amazing.

· The cinematography was amazing and the scenery was breathtaking.

· The 15 minutes escape scene was worth the wait.

· When he finally gets rescued, you actually feel happy for him


The movie has its moments and has breath taking scenery, but it’s nowhere near, Apocalypse Now or Platoon. This film was critically acclaimed but I’m afraid I do not share the same enthusiasm. Although I didn’t think the movie was great I still think its worth renting from Blockbuster or Netflix.

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As fans eagerly await the conclusion of “World War Hulk”, MARVEL decides to releases another epic comic series titled “Messiah Complex”.  I have been a Marvel fan for a long time and glad to see the X-Men take center stage again.  Messiah Complex (MC) takes place after the “House of M” storyline where the mutant, Scarlet Witch, used her reality bending powers to prevent any future mutants from being born.

The news series begins with Cerebro detecting the birth of a new mutant.

The birth of a new mutant defies the laws of reality and is a monumental occasion.  The X-Men scramble to find this new child but realize that they are too late. …the child is gone and only questions remain. The X-Men, Marauders and Purifiers are all vying for this child and more importantly the truth behind this mysterious birth.

The creative team behind the series has many acclaimed talents such as, Ed Brubaker, Marc Silvestri, David Finch and Nick Lowe. This 13 part series will span across the entire X-Men universe and will set the directions of the X-Men franchise for the next several years.  I exchanged a few words with Editor Nick Lowe and he claimed the new child might be, “…the mutant race fighting back”.

I’m very impressed so far and eagerly await the next. The story engaging and Marc Silvestri’s art is amazing. I am curious about this new child because his/her mere existence defies Scarlet Witch’s reality bending powers. I highly recommend Messiah Complex and I think it will be a great story.

For a more in-depth Guide to this awesome X-Men story, please read, IGN’s Guide: http://comics.ign.com/articles/798/798610p1.html

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The first couple of minutes of episode 1 showed a lot of promise. The animation was slick and the L’Arc~en~Ciel Intro song was just awesome. However as I continued watching my opinion changed.

The Gundam series is known for its over top Mechs battles coupled with riveting stories. The series is kinda like “Final Fantasy” in the sense that they constantly create new stories under the same “GUNDAM” theme.

I don’t want to spoil the first episode but the basic premise looks like its super powered GUNDAMs vs the rest of the world. A special military organization called “Celestial Being” has created DIESAL robots called, “Gundam”. Celestial Being” is trying to achieve world peace by destroying anyone who wants to fight. They utilize Gundams to eradicate war by using extreme force. This is a huge oxymoron and it doesn’t really make sense to me.  How would waging war on everyone create peace? Regardless the battle sequence in Episode 1 was splendid. If you are looking for stylish Mech action then look no further.

Although the first episode was aesthetically pleasing it didn’t really pique my interest.  I am always turned off by the political undertones of the GUNDAM series. This particular season doesn’t seem to stray much from it time tested formula. If you haven’t watched “Code Geass” I would highly recommend watching that instead.  If fact I think I’ll watch Code Geass again before I continue with Gundam 00. Keep in mind these are my initial thoughts after viewing EPISODE 1 and the series will probably get a lot better as the story and characters develop. 

In summary, Gundam 00 doesn’t warrant a wriXeL endorsement. The series might pick up later on but until then you won’t see me running home to download the next episode.  I plan on writing another review after the series ends. Hopefully the series will get better.

On a side note what does everyone watch these days?? Is it just me or is Anime sucking a lot these days?

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