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Onechanbara 'Don't Be Rude' trailer HD thats right...this trailer has got to be the WORST TRAILER I have ever seen in my life.  How the hell did this trailer get approved?  Maybe its just me but I didn't find it funny at ALL.  This trailer actually makes me want to NOT buy the game.  Not only do I find it demeaning to asian women the trailer only shows 4 seconds of the gameplay.   4 SECONDS?!  Are you serious?  This game has got ... Read More

Street Fighter 4 Arcade Hands-On

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Ok, so when I first saw the SF4 trailer I told myself that I would NOT get all excited and that I would absolutely NOT buy into all the hype. Despite being blown away by the new “Okamish” art direction I maintained my composure and moved on with life. I’ve been pretty good since the debut trailer. Whenever my friends told me about new video clips or special characters I shrugged it off and maintained my apathetic views. Then 1UP previewed ... Read More

Top 5 Snipers in Anime

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Ok, so I made a rule to myself that in 2009, wriXeL will post articles every Sunday night. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this up throughout the year. So last Wednesday I was burning a copy of Ghost in the Shell, Stand Alone Complex, for one of my close friends, La Femme Reaper (check out her blog http://www.lafemmereaper.com). While I was burning the anime I remember that the show has one of the coolest snipers. As I was burning ... Read More

Resident Evil 5 DEMO Review

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With the release of Left 4 Dead, I was worried that I might be too overwhelmed with Zombie goodness. My fears were quickly silenced after loading up the Resident Evil 5 demo... Since the announcement of Resident 5, gamers worldwide have been eagerly anticipating the next-gen continuation of the zombie horror series that started it all. Resident Evil 5 basically takes everything that was good about #4 and upgrades it to the next level. Capcom has taken their new formula and ... Read More

Classic Makeovers: What’s next? Let the Petitions Begin!

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By PaulCorps & wriXeL With the release of Bionic Commando Rearmed, 1941, and Super SF2 HD remix on Xbox live/PSN it seems that a new trend in remaking old games has spread like wild-fire. I say, “Let it Burn! I absolutely love the idea of re-defining old games with brand new graphical polish and gameplay. I wish every classic game (Zelda 2 anybody?) received this make-over, but that’s likely never to happen. Alas Zelda will never be remade.  :( Be that ... Read More


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REVIEW BY PAUL CORPS 999 Let me start out by saying, I love the zelda series and twilight princess was a fantastic game. However, how many times would you wander around in zelda hoping to find a hidden cave that had....the Flame sword of hyrule or Long bow of piercing? How about side quests that actually could hold their own regarding story and plot? You might say “well thats not what a zelda game is” or something to that degree. And ... Read More

Dead Space Review

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WRITTEN BY: NACHO Dead Space puts you in the shoes of engineer Isaac Clarke sent on a mission to repair the planetary mining ship USG Ishimura. After excavating and retrieving an ancient alien artifact known as “The Marker”, workers on a space colony begin to, how shall I put it… completely lose their freaking minds. Meanwhile, an unknown alien species begins killing, infesting and subsequently mutating all the denizens into bloodthirsty “Necromorphs”. The USG Ishimura gets caught up in the mess while ... Read More