The evolution of wriXeL!

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The next two weeks are going to be pretty exciting. After a couple of months using our “Massive” theme, its been decided to update our current theme and move on to bigger and better things. wriXeL has teamed up with web designer, Matt Brett, in redesigning the website. While we are still in the design/testing phases here are few things we are looking to implement: - Fresh new design and look - Upgraded User Profiles Add your own customized icons, show us what you ... Read More

2009 New York Comic-Con Pictures

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2009 New York Comic-Con was a blast this year!  Check out wriXeL’s pictures of the event! This was what the floor looked like on Saturday morning. This was the line to get was INSANE. Halo 3 dioramas... master chief is kicking ass. "Megatron is that you?!" Here's a hint... Spider-Woman, Mr.Sinister and Domino all hanging out in the Marvel booth. Holt Sh*t its zombie spiderman... Damn its Kevn Grevioux, the best werewolf in Underworld.  He's also a writer for the NEW WARRIORS. I wanted to get a video of the ... Read More

Batman: Gotham Knight Music Video

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The wriXeL crew had some time so we made a tribute video to honor the new animated movie for Batman.  For more information here is the official site. Otherwise, Let us know what you think?  We love feedback! Read More

Michael Turner 1971-2008

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One of my favorite comic book artists, Mike Turner, has recently passed away. Mike's art was known for its attention to detail and sexy female characters. Turner was discovered by Marc Silvestri at a convention, and hired by Silvestri's Top Cow Productions as an artist. He initially did background illustrations for Top Cow titles before co-creating Witchblade. In the summer of 1998 he debuted the creator-owned Fathom, having also worked on his new series Soulfire. As well as an artist, ... Read More

Batman: Gotham Knight Preview

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I very excited about the straight-to-DVD anime titled: Batman: Gotham Knight. I always wanted to see Batman to be drawn Anime-style.  I loved the FOX animated series but I always thought it could've been better.  This DVD features numerous industry legends and is guaranteed to please fans.  Its basically going to be like the "Animatrix" except for Batman.  Needless to say I will be picking this up. Here is a little sneak preview: For more info visit: Read More

The 10 Most Ridiculously Over the Top Demon Hunters of All Time

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There is something about a Demon Hunter that is just plain awesome. Maybe it’s the attitude or maybe it’s because hunters are just plain badass. Their are hundreds of demon hunters but it takes something special to be on this list. Take a look at the "TOP 10Most Ridiculously Over the Top Demon Hunters of All Time". 10. Samanosuke Akechi from the Omnimusha series. Samanosuke is a badass Samurai from the Omnimusha video game series. He was born in the year 1535, during Japan's ... Read More

Dark Knight Trailers

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Now that I've seen "Iron Man", the next Superhero Movie i cant wait to see is "BATMAN: Dark Knight" OMG this movie looks awesome. Heath Ledger looks like he's an AWESOME Joker.   Its truly sad that he passed away. I also like how they are setting up the ground work for 2-Face. :D JULY 18!!!  Anyone wanna go with me???? Read More