Gamestop Street Fighter 4 Tournament Round 1

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Gamestop Street Fighter 4 Tournament Round 1 By wriXeL Gamers lined up in at Gamestops around the nation to participate in the first ever, Street Fighter 4 National Tournament. I got up this morning, played on XBL for a bit, ate some food, walked my dog and then took a trip to my local Gamestop. It was around 1:45pm and I had noticed that a couple other contestants had also arrived early. After standing around for a couple of minutes ... Read More

Let us Muse! : Games as Mainstream Entertainment

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Let us Muse! : Games as Mainstream Entertainment By Nacho I’m not old, by any means. I’m 24 and I’m nowhere near the phase in my life where sitting on a park bench, between feeding the ducks and drooling all over myself, I go into fits, lecturing the young folk about how things were better in the old days. No, reader, my twilight years are still some time away, but I feel the need to say this: things aren’t what ... Read More

Welcome to L33T Poetry

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wriXeL is proud to introduce a new site: I actually know the creator of the site and was lucky enough to get an interview. Zero Echo: Hello, can you please introduce yourself? Beta1986: My name is Beta 1.9.86 (^_~) & in the famous words of Gwen Stefani "I'm just a girl." Zero Echo: What made you create the site? Beta1986: A desire for something new and refreshing in the video game field. I've blogged before but felt I didn't have enough ... Read More

NeoTokyo Official Trailer

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What do you get when you mix Ghost in the Shell, AKIRA, and Counter-Strike? The answer is "NeoTokyo" My friend John had told me about an awesome trailer that he had seen this morning.  After watching it tonight I just wanted to share it with everyone else. NEOTOKYO is a first person shooter that provides a visceral & realistic combat experience in a rich futuristic setting. It is greatly influenced by our admiration for Masamune Shirow (GHOST IN THE SHELL) and Katsuhiro Otomo (AKIRA), and ... Read More

2009 New York Comic-Con Pictures

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2009 New York Comic-Con was a blast this year!  Check out wriXeL’s pictures of the event! This was what the floor looked like on Saturday morning. This was the line to get was INSANE. Halo 3 dioramas... master chief is kicking ass. "Megatron is that you?!" Here's a hint... Spider-Woman, Mr.Sinister and Domino all hanging out in the Marvel booth. Holt Sh*t its zombie spiderman... Damn its Kevn Grevioux, the best werewolf in Underworld.  He's also a writer for the NEW WARRIORS. I wanted to get a video of the ... Read More

Mysterious Man from Dexter

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So this past week all I’ve been doing is watching Dexter Season 1.  I know i'm jumping on the band wagon a little late, but I don't care. :P Moving on, “Dexter” is about a guy (Dexter) who needs to kill because of some psychological disorder. To make a long story short he was trained by his dad (a cop) to only kill bad people, and to do it without leaving any evidence.   The show is really awesome and I ... Read More


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Onechanbara 'Don't Be Rude' trailer HD thats right...this trailer has got to be the WORST TRAILER I have ever seen in my life.  How the hell did this trailer get approved?  Maybe its just me but I didn't find it funny at ALL.  This trailer actually makes me want to NOT buy the game.  Not only do I find it demeaning to asian women the trailer only shows 4 seconds of the gameplay.   4 SECONDS?!  Are you serious?  This game has got ... Read More