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Top 5 Anticipated PS3 Games (4/26/09)

Here are wriXeL's the Top 5 anticipated PS3 games as of April, 26 2009


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Batman Pwns!!!

What happens when the Joker gets hacks for WOW??? BATMAN PWNS!!! I had this idea a while back and I thought I should share it again. Enjoy!! I edited "the BATMAN 508" and all voice acting ...

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the lonely island, music video hilarity

*WARNING - Not for YOUNGER VIEWERS, or people with no sense of humor* Damn the The Lonely Island (TLI, videos are hilarious.  I first heard of these guys from their skit, "Dick in a Box" on ...

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The Pile 

Batman Pwns!

What Happens when Batman plays World of Warcraft?  Hilarity ensues!

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