It’s the weekend. You know what that means?

Avatar and a big bowl of Apple Jacks!

It also means a giveaway on the MikeReverb1 Twitch Stream! So let’s do the rundown, my amigos. This week, we had some very generous donations from my wonderful viewers, and the giveaways will be split between today (Saturday) and tomorrow (Sunday)

Tonight’s games are:

Saturday (2/1/14)

  1. DayZ
  2. Duke Nukem & Shadow Warrior
  3. Super Sanctum
  4. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  5. L.A. Noire
DayZ Standalone

DayZ Standalone

And tomorrow’s games are:

Sunday (2/2/14)

  1. Rust
  2. Tomb Raider (the new one)
  3. Grand Theft Auto 3
  4. Grand Theft Auto 4
  5. Guacamelee
Rust Zombie


As usual, all you need to do is Follow the stream, say hi, and type the magic word that I will give you before I roll the dice. It’s all done on screen so it’s fair!

It all starts tonight at 6:00PM EST on the MikeReverb1 Twitch Stream —