Bioshock 3 is like going on  destination vacation…You’ve seen the brochures, all your friends rave about it, now you just need to pack your bags and go.   I just realized I wrote Bioshock 3 instead of Bioshock Infinite, I guess that Freudian slip is justified because although the game seems new, its all very familiar… and that’s not a bad thing.

Not as “Vigorous” as I was expecting

Instead of praising all of the great things about Bioshock Infinite let me first start off my talking about the parts I did not like.    I felt like the “Vigors” weren’t that great.  They were cool but I was just expecting more.   As you would expect you got your “force, fire, electric” powers.  I was expecting a lot more like, how about being able to summon a tiny Mech robot that follows you around?  Or an impale skill?  I loved impaling enemies in Bioshock 2… ok that sounded a bit wrong.


A bit ripped off

Just like any destination vacation eventually something or another is just not going to live up to expectations.  The combat in bioshock 3 is basically the same as combat in the other games. They made it seem like you could battle in a free open environment but that’s just not true.  Its true that you can leap and use the game’s sky rail systems but its not really open world and its limiting at best.  The combat tends to get a little old towards the end of the game.

You run into a group of enemies -> you find cover -> you use your vigors to pick some off -> you find cover -> rinse and repeat



“You can’t enjoy the sweet without the sour”

Now that we got all of the bad stuff out of the way lets talk about the good stuff.  B3 is beautiful.  B3 was the 1st game I played on my gaming laptop, and it was amazing.  All of the negative aspects that I complain about in the game are dwarfed by the sheer detail and awesomeness that its Columbia.

B3 has one of the most interesting stories, I have ever been told.  I’m usually the guy in the theater that figures out the ending to a movie, but biopshcok instance where I did not see the ending coming.  The ending is just genius and will leaving feeling just weird.  Did you see INCEPTION? That’s the closest thing I can compare B3 too.  Its just amazing and fresh.

That’s really it.  Amazing graphics and a solid story and characters.  The Lutece tiwns steal the show as well as Elizabeth and songbird.  There isn’t much more to that.  The gameplay could be better but at the end you get an amazing experience though a floating city, Columbia.  Your vacation here will be amazing and I highly recommend it.

Started the game on hard, changed to easy diffuclty mid-way because the gameplay was getting a bit stale.  Played on highest settings on my PC.