wrixel:  Dustforce was such a great game! Will there be a Dustforce 2? What were some things you learned after releasing DustForce?

Hitbox team: Its good to be working on a new project after spending so long on Dustforce, we were all pretty burnt out by the end of it. There are too many great ideas out there to be working on a sequel!  Beta testing was one of the major things missing from Dustforce, unfortunately we just didn’t have the time or budget to do this. we are planning on a closed beta for Spire when the time is right.

wrixel:  If you could go back in time and change anything about Dustforce what would it be?

Hitbox team:  Probably make the game a little more accessible. We ended up releasing an update that help new players out a lot. It’s a shame we didn’t ship with these fixes already in place; something beta testing would have probably picked up.

wrixel :D o you guys have any in-house records in Dustforce?

Hitbox team:  When Dustforce was still in development we fought over the high score for Downhill.  Everytime we thought we had the best time possible, someone would beat it. Terence ended up with a score just over 15 second. Currently the top score is 13.232… The public ended up destroying any highscores we put on the board.

wrixel:  Spire looks amazing! Anything you can tell us about the game? When can we expect the game to be released? What inspired this new direction?

Hitbox team:We love the emergent narratives that come out of procedurally generated games with deep mechanics like Brogue and Nethack. We also love the feeling of navigating a space with mastery and finesse like Quake and Dustforce. Spire is our attempt to bring these two feelings into one game.  For the first year we focused on asset pipelines and core systems. Most of the ground work is done, so we can start focusing on gameplay soon. It’s hard to say, but we probably still have another 2 years before Spire is ready to release to the world.

wrixel:  What games are you guys currently playing?

Hitbox team:Woodley and I are playing a lot of Dota2 at the moment, probably a little too much… The complexity that arises from team compositions is fascinating.


wrixel:  How did the Team come together?

Hitbox team:Just a group of friends that met in highschool, college, and on the road.

wrixel:  Who would win Mario or Luigi?

Hitbox team:Even though I mained Mario for a long time, I’m not that familiar with the matchup. Luigi has a crazy wavedash and good recovery, while Mario’s forward smash and combo game is strong. Mario can also cape Luigi’s recovery, but wouldn’t have much throw game against him. Luigi’s aerials, dsmash and throw game are great against just about anyone, and since Mario isn’t too floaty the Weegee can probably link a lot of stuff into F-air… My heart says Mario, but I’m going to go with Luigi on this one. (Source - the greatest game ever made, Super Smash Bros. Melee)


wrixel:   If the Zombie Apocalypse happened what would be your weapons of choice?

Hitbox team:Ambient music and a hammock.

wrixel:  Any closing remarks for our readers?

Hitbox team:You can keep up with our progress at hitboxteam.com! We hope you enjoy Dustforce and we can’t wait to bring you Spire.



Thanks so much for taking the time to answer our questions HitBox!  please show them some love and support SPIRE when it is released!