For those curious action platform gamers out there, the new DMC:Devil May Cry is a must play. This latest release in the Devil May Cry franchise is a complete spin-off from the original Devil May Cry series you may be familiar with. Everything from where the setting of the game takes place, to the personality of main character, has received an overhaul, and I must say, it’s definitely a smart move on Ninja Theory / Capcom’s part. Let’s get into why.

While the storyline is a little simple, and predictable by the end of the game, the new Dante is crass, arrogant, and slick, which I thought worked perfectly for keeping me engaged during the cutscenes. Adding on that, the art style and music makes the game incredibly immersive, making it worth the purchase, alone. Assuming you own a decent PC rig, and your video card can handle it, do not even hesitate to consider buying the PC release of this game as it is absolute eye candy, as it presents the game at 60 fps (versus its console siblings which only catch the game at give or take 35). The music is done by Noisia and Combichrist, providing a killer mix heavy rock and electronic sounds. This gave the game a very dark, industrial flavor to DMC that helps to modernize the setting, and the franchise itself, even more (this is a good thing). In fact, I am listening to one of the songs linked below while writing this review for you guys.

Have a listen:

As for the gameplay, the controls and combos are very forgiving. If you’ve played any of the original Devil May Cry games, or Bayonetta, this game will make you feel like a combo god. Let’s say you haven’t touched any of those games listed above… then this game will make you feel like a combo god. As you progress, things never get old. Every single new skill, gun, and melee weapon you earn is never wasted; only adding another set of combos and moves that will make your flurry of hits on these demons even deadlier, and more visually appealing.

Summed up, my favorite parts of the game:

  • The music and the graphics are sick
  • Action and the gameplay make you feel like you own (What you look for in games)
  • New Dante is one slick mo-fo

Stuff that was “…meh”:

  • Story was predictable
  • Getting all the secrets (skins, minor upgrades) can be frustrating and tedious (What you would expect from a Japanese game)
    • There’s even a mode where you die from one hit, perfect for those who like to master Bayonetta-style dodging, and looking for a challenge

If you are looking for a simple, satifying action packed game, and you don’t care much about deep storyline go and get DMC: Devil May Cry.

Visuals and Music: 4.5 out of 5
Story: 2 out of 5
Gameplay: 4 out of 5

Buy? Yes (PC if your rig can handle it)

Thanks for reading, folks.