“Destiny” looks amazing!  When I 1st read that details about Bungie’s secret game got leaked I was a bit skeptical but as soon as I saw the concept art, I was immediate sold.   After I read more about the story and what Bungie was trying to achieve I knew we had a winner.  I’m not sure what it is but I can tell immediately if a game will do well or not.   I get all excited when a game tries to do something fresh and exciting and you can tell it will be successful.   For example I had this same feeling when I saw “Left 4 Dead” and it turned out to be one of the best horror-fps games ever created.


I love the sci-fi look of the characters.  Its like Halo married World of Craft and “Destiny” was born.

So what is “Destiny” about?  Rather than mess it up I’ll show you what Bungie released to the public.

This is a BOLD claim to make but I believe Bungie can do it.  Hell, they made HALO which is a HUGE franchise.

Here are more details about the story:

Finally here is a video documentary about the game that drove me crazy!!

I can’t wait til this games comes out!!  What do you guys think??