Wrixel.com is constantly evolving and I wanted to share our thoughts on the future direction of the website.  I initially started the website back in late 2007 and a lot has changed since then.  Here is what you can expect in the foreseeable future:

More YouTube videos

We’ve been making videos on the site for quite a while now.  It’s fun to make “Let’s Play” & “Review” videos and I generally believe it’s easier for subscribers to watch, as opposed to reading content.  We are also going to push for more video diversity on our channel.  In addition to the usual lineup, we hope to have more “Personal Video diary” and “Gaming News” type videos.    

Personal Blog

I’ve always tried to keep the website as professional as possible, without turn it into a personal blog or rant station.  I think in many regards this direction has helped the website, but on the other hand there are some negative implications to this approach.   The website lacks personality and is a bit sterile.  It’s funny because anyone who knows me will tell you, that I’m full of personality.  Moving forward we hope to have more personal & videos blogs.  In conjunction with more personal content, we will also try to incorporate our twitter and Facebook accounts into the equation.


This is another issue that I have been constantly trying to resolve.  It’s almost impossible for me to stick to a concrete schedule with updates.  I work a fulltime job, 60 hour work week,  on top of maintaining this website.  In some cases the site doesn’t get updated for months due to time restraints.  This is a problem and I will work harder to keep content flowing on a regular basis.


-          More Youtube Content

-          More personal blogs/content

-          Twitter/Facebook improvements

-          Updates more frequently

Thank you for reading this update!  These are really just a few of the changes we have in mind but hopefully the site will continue to grow and improve.  I always appreciate your opinions so let us know what you think!  I look forward to making great content for you guys to read/watch.