We all know the tragic events that went down in Connecticut. There’s no need to retell the details of the shooting, its victims, and the person responsible for the event.

However, recently, video games have come under attack in the media as the cause of the shooting. It’s a familiar story: someone does something violent, he’s played a video game, therefore the video game must have been the cause of the violence.

Well, for anyone who’s been playing video games for a while and have kept up with both sides of the video game violence debate, you’ll know that there’s been no causal relationship established between violent video games and physical violence. There may be a correlation, but causation has not been established.

In light of what’s happened, and the renewed attack on our favorite pastime (including the reemergence of Jack Thompson. Ugh), I’d like to share a video that discusses media coverage of the shooting in Connecticut as well as why media outlets may have chosen to focus on video games as a possible catalyst to the tragedy. It was created by TotalBiscuit (who you might know from his videos on World of Warcraft), and while it’s an opinionated piece, it does raise some interesting questions about media scapegoats and the harmful, misleading effect news coverage has not just on how people perceive video games but also on copycats who see the perpetrators of these crimes as anti-heroes, someone to look up to.

What do you think about the media’s coverage of this tragedy in Connecticut? Are video games to blame in any way?