This $22,000 TV Makes Blu-ray Look BadRemember when Blu-ray first came out? And Sony was trumpeting it (and the PS3) as the paramount of HD clarity? Well, yes, Blu-ray still looks fantastic. Thing is, this LG TV just looks fantasticer.

Today, LG unveiled a new LCD-TV in South Korea. According to The Wall Street Journal, it’s 84-inches across and boasts a resolution of 8.2 million pixels.

Priced at $22,000, the television can render better clarity than DVD or even Blu-ray. This isn’t HD, but rather, ultra HD!

LG thinks it’s possible to make a 96-incher, but for the time being, it will be content with this 84-inch model. Surely, LG can make do with that!

LG Turns On Super-Big TV With Lots Of Little Pixels [Korea Real Time]