Lately I’ve been playing a lot of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.  It’s a great game, but it definitely appeals to a certain type of gamer.

Specifically those who like turn based strategy RPGS.


A epic story for the Ages

The game is very long and well worth the admission price.  I believe I picked it up on PSN for about $20 and I’ve been playing it for about 40 hours now (and I’ve still got a long way to go). I’ve been playing the game on and off for over 2 years now.   I commute to work every day so I get a chance to get a couple battles in everyday.  If you are looking to really sink your teeth into an epic storyline and really become involved with the characters, Tactics Ogre is a great game.  It’s a classic tale about class struggles and injustice in a fantasy medieval society.   You got your knights, dragon, wizards and beasts.  A classic tale!


Music played by angels

The music in TO:LUCT is absolutely amazing, it’s a primarily classical music and its epic…   It’s hard to describe so here is a sample here:


The chicken or the Egg?

I’ve played Final Fantasy Tactics before I played Tactics Ogre so in my book, FFT came first.  However I’ve come to learn that the original TO came before the FFT.  Either way both are great games.  I just wanted to point that out so you guys don’t flame me for not knowing.


It’s about winning OFF THE FIELD that counts

TO is not an Action RPG.  You carefully plan out your moves, prepare your squad, level them up, and move forward with a specific battle plan.  Half of your time will be spent learning new skills, equipping new armor and make sure you have a good mix of units.  When I first started playing I had a very diverse combination of units.  I had knights, clerics, archers, Rune Knights, Wizards… after experimenting for a while you’ll learn that certain classes in the game are just ridiculously better than other units.   These units are, NINJAS and Archers.  GO figure right?  Ninjas have a ridiculously double attack that decimates all enemies, and Archers will destroy troops  before they can even get close to you.   I’ve got a video below to show some in action.

The Best Rewind Feature ever!

Most Tactics games are very unforgiving and that can cause a lot of wasted time and grief.  Tactics Ogre has an amazing gefeature that lets you go back a few turns to optimize your strategy.

Tactics MMO, Crazy idea?! Or is it?

Just a thought but wouldn’t a “Tactics MMO” be interesting?  Here is what I thought of as I was writing this review.  Imagine you have a specific squad that you can level up as you progress.  You initially have 3 recruits that you can level up.  Here is the amazing part.. your squad actually plays a part in the a greater conflict.  Meaning you face off against other squads in the persistent world.  You can choose to be a bandit squad or caster squad but in the end, your enemies is another real life person…

Ok here is an example, you have played the game for a long time and you have a lot of the best gear, you are a classified as a general in the game’s army.  Another guy on an opposing faction is equally equipped… you engage him… EPICNESS!

I could honestly make a whole post about this, so I’ll stop… but the potential is there!


The game in action:

Here is a what the gameplay looks like:


Ok Ok already… should I buy it?

YES.  My answer is YES.  Tactics Ogre is probably one of the best turned based RPG in existence.  If you want a slow paced game with a lot of content I suggest buying TO immediately.  Take my word for it, watch the vids above, get a feel for the game and then go buy it.