Before we start this review I just wanted to thank Robot Entertainment for sending us review copies of Orcs Must Die 2.  It’s not common for publishers to send review copies to smaller gaming sites such as ourselves.  Thank you for helping us out and for staying in touch with the community.  Ok, now on to the review…

After seeing great success with its initial “Orcs Must Die”, Robot Entertainment decided to go full steam with its 2nd iteration of the franchise.  I’m not sure how the team managed to get a game out the door so quickly but “Orc Must Die 2” is a quality game that does not disappointed.   You can read our review of the 1st game located here:

If you are unfamiliar with the title, Orcs Must Die is a “Tower Defense/Action” game where you control an avatar (3rd person shooter style) in order to prevent a horde of Orcs from invading.  The catch about this game is that you can also place “towers” to assist you in preventing the baddies from reaching their goal.


“You let them through!  Keep up you Noob!”

I had the opportunity to play a couple of stages with my good friend Rob and I noticed that… I SUCK.  OMD2 constantly requires you to juggle between action and strategy.  You have to constantly attack, build and keep an eye on the mini map for stragglers.  Sometimes I love the intense feeling but sometimes, it’s a bit overwhelming.  This is not a game you play to wind down after a long day of work (I recommend Civ5 for that).

Wait a minute is this Orcs Must Die 2? This looks just like the original!

A lot of people will complain that OMD2 reuses a lot of the assets from OMD1.  If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!  I will admit that the game looks and plays identical  to the original, however the game offers a lot of new features to make up for it.  Most importantly the Co-Op.


Coop Heavy!  What if I don’t have friends?

I’d say the biggest improvement in OMD2 is the coop.  It’s just so much fun to play with a friend.  It also adds a whole new layer of strategy.  For example I can focus on purely physics based traps, ie. Spring traps, Push Traps, while my partner focuses on a different type.  This makes the game so much easier and also so much more fun.  On the other hand, playing OMD2 solo is a bit frustrating and a lot harder.  The game almost forces you to play with a friend.


You got options!  Choices!

In general OMD2 has a lot more options than OMD1.  You can purchase more upgrades and select more traps.  One of the initial problems with OMD1 was that you had to stick with some of the traps you had invested heavily in.  In some cases the traps did not work for certain stages but had to be used due to lack of choice. OMD2 solves this problem by allowing you to respect you upgrade choices.  You can also customize your hero which is always nice.


Ok Ok already… should I buy it?

Orcs Must Die 2 is a great game for a great price.  For $15 you’d be hard pressed to find a better deal.  If you have played the original OMD1 and are looking for something fresh and new, OMD2 is not for you. It’s really more of the same with the Co-Op option.  However, if you are looking for more of the great action and fun from the original OMD1 with some added twists and bonuses, OMD2 delivers.  It’s also a great starting point for those who are new to the series.