What is “Revenge of the Titans”?   Developed by Puppy Games,  RotT is a tower defense game with real-time strategy elements.  The game takes place in the future and humans (or Elves I’m not sure) must defend the planet against these evil aliens called “Titans”.  Is this tower defense game worth your time?  Keep reading to find out!


Classic Goodness!!

One of the first things I liked about Revenge of the Titans is the clean, retro arcade art style.  It’s simple, its stylish and I love it.  I even like how the achievements look! :D

“Pristine” is SUPER hard to get in the later levels


Harder than Adamantium

Another thing you’ll notice pretty quickly is that RotT is a pretty hard game.  These evil Titan aliens come at you very quickly, and are not forgiving.  This isn’t your typical tower defense game where the enemies funnel into a nice death trap…. Noooo, Titans run around defenses and come at you from all angles.  You have to get creative with walls and defenses to get far in the game.



I told you to research “PEW PEW” not get some COFFEE!

Some advice for those who are new to the game.  Look up a tech tree online before you start playing.   If you end up researching the wrong tech, the game does very little to help you fix your mistakes.   I decided to research battle droids and tanks, and although they are very strong in numbers, they fail to cover all areas for defense.  After playing the game for a while I highlight recommend, “Lasers, Assault Turrets and Cooler attachments”.  If you are seasoned pro I’m curious to know what your build you used.  Did you use rockets?  A sea of shockers?

One of the most deadly techs, REACTORS!


Check out the official trailer!

ok ok already… should I buy it?

Answer these questions to see if you should buy this game:

Do you like tower defense games?

Do you like retro style games?

Do you like a challenge?

Do you like strategy/puzzle games?

Do you like destroying alien invaders?


If you answered Yes to all of these questions I highly recommend picking up the game.   I’ve had a lot of fun with the game!  Let us know what you think about it!

Big thanks to Puppy Games for sending us a review copy!