Wow. Can we just get the second part of Season 2 right now, please?


Poor Dale can’t seem to stop caring about other people. He always wants to do right by someone instead of keeping to himself.

Dale’s the type of man who knows there’s just as much danger in not doing something right as there is in doing something wrong.

Like Dale, we can see that what’s going on between Andrea and Shane can’t end well, but the tragedy of it is that Andrea doesn’t.

I found myself sympathizing a lot with Herschel this episode. It’s easy to pass judgment on a man when he has the means to protect others but doesn’t want to.

It seems easy to keep Rick and the other survivors on his land; well, maybe not “easy” but the “right” thing to do, especially since Lori is pregnant.

But put yourself in Herschel’s shoes. You’re under the same roof with a bunch of strangers who think differently than you. They want to kill people who you love(d) and who you believe can be restored; they also take risks when you want to remain safe.

It’s his land 100%, and he has a family to take care of. You have hope that the world will turn out alright because you believe in God and a possible cure. Why wouldn’t you refuse to keep men and women on your land? They’ll make it on their own out there.

Won’t they?

If there’s one thing this episode taught me it’s that sometimes we’re the ones who make our situations worse. We worry so much about how bad things could be that we actually make our situation worse through our efforts to make them better.

The barn was locked up tight: two locks and a wooden bar across its doors. If no one had touched the barn, it would have remained intact for a long time.

But where’s the conflict in that?

Shane can’t see the destruction he’s causing.  He can’t see how secure the barn is before he starts opening it. The thought of one of those walkers getting out to kill them all drives him to open up the barn and eradicate them for his own piece of mind.

Yet the last walker to come out of the barn is going to haunt the survivors for a long time coming . . .

The Walking Dead just keeps improving upon the comic book in every way. The writers are so good at what they do.

Here’s to the next half of the season.

Overall 10/10