Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut feeling.

“Get Gellar” reveals a huge twist that quite a few people on the Internet anticipated but that I abandoned a few episodes ago.

Since this is a review, spoilers are pretty much a given, which is why I’ve never put up spoiler warnings.

However, this one is pretty darn big, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet:




With that out of the way . . .

Gellar and Travis are the same person. The proof that Gellar never existed was there all season:

  • The waitress doesn’t “see” Gellar in the café
  • While praying, Gellar bleeds from his forehead for a split second and then returns to normal
  • Gellar moves around with no urgency and without anyone noticing him in the same way that Harry and even Dexter’s brother Rudy have in previous episodes
  • The constant reference to Gellar as Travis’s “Dark Passenger”

The writers got me with a bit of misdirection: Gellar’s notebook filled with the tableau drawings proves he’s a real person, and a missing person’s report was never filed. I took that to mean Gellar’s still alive.

Boy was I wrong.

I was disappointed with Dexter’s performance at the end, though. In pursuit of Gellar, Dexter had to move a large table off of the trap door leading to the church’s cellar.

If Gellar were down there, how could he have closed the trap door and covered it up himself? It was a rare misstep for the usually keen Dexter, one that I’m not sure is in line with his character.

Of course, no one is perfect; not even Dexter. We’ve seen that time and time again. But the trapdoor/heavy table scene seemed blaringly obvious.

Deb finally telling LaGuerta off was a moment of triumph for Deb and viewers alike. Who didn’t see Captain Matthews as being the person who broke that hooker’s ribs in that hotel room?

This isn’t the first time a blackmail/cover-up has lead back to these two, and I’m worried about what they’ll  do to keep Deb from reopening the case.

Finally, Louis the Forensics Intern is becoming quite the dark character; I’m not just talking about the Ice Truck killer’s hand in his apartment — that did surprise the crap out of me.

It’s how he said he “collects” things; it sounds eerily similar to a serial killer’s passion, sort of like what Dexter and other murders on the show have done.

Just who is Louis?

Overall, “Get Gellar” was an entertaining episode. The plot twist didn’t blow my mind, even after I had abandoned the idea that Gellar didn’t exist. However, it was fun and set the stage for Dexter’s showdown with Travis.

Travis is at least a new breed of villain for Dexter: someone with a split personality who really doesn’t seem to know that he’s a serial killer.

Fight Club anyone?

Overall 8.75/10