”Secrets” explores two fascinating ideas that zombie movies rarely get a chance to:

  • Raising children during a zombie apocalypse
  • The consequences of finding a cure

I’ll admit that the consequences of finding a cure were more implied than flat out stated. But that’s why The Walking Dead is so great. It presents scenarios that make you think deeper.

We finally got a taste of Herschel’s rationale for keeping the walkers in his barn. By not killing his infected family, Herschel holds a different kind of hope than mere survival: the walkers are sick, so they need to be cured.  We saw attempts to cure the plague near the end of last season, and it’s great to see it hinted at here again.

A possible cure raises an interesting question: if a cure for the zombies was found, how would the survivors live with themselves after killing so many people?

I also loved Dale’s talk with Lori about her pregnancy. With zombie movies, you don’t get all of the little details of life in a zombie apocalypse. Sure, the Dawn of the Dead remake had a zombie baby in it, but that hardly dealt with the trials of raising a child during such a difficult time.

Lori is terrified about the kind of life her newborn child would have; there’s no “well of joy” for the child to draw from. All he or she will know is the need for survival in a world in ruins.

But then again, people have had to hunt, kill, and forage for survival in the past. The zombie apocalypse is a kind of trip backwards in time. If humans could do it then, couldn’t they do it during a zombie apocalypse?

The search for Sophia continues. I’m not annoyed by the search just yet; it’s produced some memorable scenarios like Daryl getting pierced by his own crossbow arrow and Shane and Andrea fending off a wave of undead.

But it’s starting to drag on a bit, and it’s less believable at this point. Could this young girl really survive on her own this long? Let’s wrap this up already.

Finally, Shane reminds us just how dangerous he is when Dale confronts him. The writers have kept him on the show longer than he was around for the comic, but eventually things have to come to a head.  Now Rick knows about Shane and Lori. How will that affect the trio’s relationship?

Just what is Shane capable of doing?

The Walking Dead just keeps firing out the complex, exciting questions. With each episode, I admire the writers and actors more and more.

Overall 9.5/10