“Sin of Omission” brought the season back on track after last week’s trip down the rabbit hole.

Dexter is at its best when it tackles difficult issues like trust and faith.  “Sin of Omission” didn’t disappoint as Dexter strained his relationship with Deb.

My heart went out to Debra this week. She’s become a pretty tragic figure whose having  a hard time all around:

  • She feels responsible for Lisa’s (Travis’s sister) death at the hands of DDK
  • She’s forced to close the case on the overdosed prostitute
  • She finds out that Dexter lied to her about going to Nebraska
  • Dexter blows her off her genuine effort to do something nice for him

That last problem, Dexter refusing to stay for dinner with Deb, was the real sin of omission this week. Dexter fails not because he did anything wrong. He let Deb down by not doing something, namely being there for her.

It seems as though Dexter trusts everyone else around him more than Deb. This has been the case since Season 3. From Miguel to Lumen, Dexter has opened up to people who cross his path briefly, including Brother Sam.

He even confessed to a senile old priest that he’s killed people.

When is Dexter going to trust his own flesh and blood? I’d personally love to see him finally tell Deb who he really is. Talk about a challenge for the writers!

Quinn continues his downward spiral this week. I find myself waffling between pity for and anger at Quinn. When he’s not acting like a jerk and trying to hurt other people, he’s vulnerable and pathetic.

Finally, we have Travis deciding to help Dexter track and kill Gellar. I predicted last week that Gellar would use Lisa for his next masterpiece, and I was unfortunately right.

Poor Lisa was a very likable character, but of course she had to die in order to move the story forward. Otherwise, what reason would Travis have to hunt Gellar?

Let’s see how Brother Sam’s light affects Dexter’s search for Gellar. Will the kill play out differently from what we’ve seen so far?

Overall: 9/10