Dexter yelling and shooting a gun into the air while speeding in a car.

Dexter admitting to another person that he’s killed someone.

Dexter taking advice from his dead brother as if it were totally natural.

Dexter having sex with a convenience store clerk.

Dexter standing with a bloody pitchfork like in the “American Gothic” painting.

Yup, this pretty much happened in tonight’s episode.

Did I miss something? Was tonight an airing of a very special Dexter set in Bizarro world? I didn’t know Nebraska was THAT strange.

The entire episode felt surreal. I was waiting for Dexter to wake up and ask if it was all just a crazy dream.

The most cohesive part of “Nebraska” was Travis telling Gellar that he’s through killing women. I suspect that the “whore” Gellar needs for his next message will end up being Travis’s sister. Will that motivate Travis to hunt down Gellar in return?

I’m not sure who the hell decided this episode was a good idea, but it felt completely out of place and unnecessary. We had some pretty interesting themes being tackled in the last few episodes, and Brother Sam’s death last week was a good opportunity for Dexter to really explore himself. And no, his brother Rudy egging him on to kill people doesn’t count!

“Nebraska” felt like it ignored everything that season 6 has been building up to. I’m seriously disappointed!

Overall: 5/10

What did you guys think? Am I missing something here? If so, PLEASE explain it to me . . .