What is Atom Zombie Smasher? Developed by Blendo Games, Atom Zombie Smasher (AZS) is a top down Zombie evacuation sim. Can the game truly capture the anxiety of evacuating a city from a zombie attack? Or does it fail to deliver a terrifying experience? Continue reading to find out!

ZOMBIES everywhere!
One of the best things about Atom Zombie Smasher is that it’s HARD. The game doesn’t pull any punches. You are forced to make tough decisions and live with them. Should you destroy a whole city block, sacrificing several civilians to buy a few minutes for others to evacuate? Will you bait Zombies back into a smaller crowd of innocent people to save a larger mass? While the steep learning curve and difficulty might turn off a few players I found it refreshingly satisfying when I beat a level.

This aint no RPG?!

I love RPGs, Final Fantasy, Mass Effect, you name it! Everything! Anyways another cool element of “AZS” is that you can level mercenaries and tools that you acquire in the game. There isn’t a DEEP leveling system but it does add a small element that makes your experience a little bit different from everyone else’s. For example you could choose to increase your helicopter’s load time or arrival time. In a smaller map, load time would be a better choice, in a larger map, maybe arrival tie would be better. I really liked this added layer of depth.

Check out this gameplay video:



Oh Presidente! Wait a minute is this RISK?!


Audio? Meh?

Probably the weakest link about AZS is the music and sound effects. It’s not BAD but it’s just generic. It doesn’t really detract from the overall experience but if they put some better sound in the game I think it would’ve been awesome. I’m also just being picky.

WTF? All I see is squares….

This is where the title starts to make sense. “Atom Zombie Smasher”, Atoms are generally symbolized with little squares, hence the title. The squares perfectly represent the zombies and civilians but it would’ve been great if you could actually zoom in and see some zombies eating some humans. Maybe in AZS 2 !?


Check out the official trailer:


ok ok already… should I buy it?


Answer these questions to see if you should buy this game:
Do you like Zombies?
Do you like simulations with RPG elements?
Do you like a challenge?
Do you like strategy/puzzle games?
Stunning visual graphics aren’t important to me?


Big thanks to Blendo Games for sending us review copies! You guys Rock!