Mass Effect is as much an investment as it is a game series.  Each game is interdependent on the others: what you did in Mass Effect 1 and 2 will have an effect on Mass Effect 3.

So fans of the series are understandably curious about how Mass Effect 3′s multiplayer will tie into their investment. Thankfully, the social media coordinator at Bioware recently interviewed producer Jesse Houston about the game’s multiplayer.

Head on over to the Bioware Blog for the full interview.

Below are some new and interesting tidbits about multiplayer:

  • You won’t be able to host games on a private server
  • You won’t be able to host a local lan co-op game
  • Bioware is working on a sytem to deal with disruptive team members (kicking?)
  • DLC will include new characters to play as in multiplayer
  • The single player campaign will follow a different story from the co-op campaign


What do you think of the multiplayer for ME3 so far?