What is Sequence?  Developed by Iridium Studios, Sequence is a cool hybrid game that combines music, RPGs and DDR styled gameplay.

Does the game pull off this strange combination?  Or does it end up being a big mess?  Continue reading to find out!

Major selling point ($5)

One of the best things about Sequence is that it’s cheap.  Sequence is $5…In the age of $60 games, this is a GREAT deal.  Skip that large coffee from Starbucks and pick up Sequence instead.  The game holds a lot of value for $5.  The soundtrack and music alone should be $5.


Fun Gameplay Elements (DDR + RPG)

The game features DDR battling enemies, loot progression, and leveling.  Crazy as it sounds, it all manages to work out.  It’s not as extensive as World of Warcraft but for a $5 game it’s pretty meaty.  It’s hard to actually explain the gameplay… check out this video we made:

ANIME style!

If you are into anime, you’ll probably appreciate Sequence’s art style more than the average gamer.  The game features a lot of anime style characters and even the humor is very similar to a lot of anime I’ve seen.  It’s all voiced over pretty well despite a couple of bad jokes.   The graphics are pretty low tech but its all presented pretty well.


Delicious Audio

Probably the best thing about sequence is the music… the music ranges from fresh beats to acoustics guitars.  Here is a sample:


ok ok already… should I buy it?

Sequence isn’t a game for everyone.  Despite being $5 this game really only appeals to a specific niche market.  Answer these questions to see if you should buy this game:

Do you like DDR?

Do you like RPGs?

Do you like Music Games?

Do you like Anime?

Stunning visual graphics aren’t important to me?


If you answered YES to all of these questions, I recommend getting Sequence.  Even if you answered Yes to a few of them this game might be worth looking into.   Despite its niche appeal I really like Sequence and think it’s well worth the $5.  If you thought the videos above were good, I recommend buying the game!!   Also a big thank you to Iridium Games for sending us review copies!