How do you spread an important message? Would letters, a television broadcast, or a website get the magnitude of your message across? To Travis and Gellar, an impending apocalypse requires a far more significant message and messenger: Death.

I’ll begin with my disappointment with this episode: Gellar exists and he’s alive. Angel finds Gellar’s sketch book, which contains drawings of how the latest murder victims were found. Unless Gellar’s ghost is somehow feeding Travis new information, which would add another supernatural level entirely to the series, this pretty much proves that Gellar is alive. Alive and planning these murders meticulously according to his work.

Also, if Gellar had died, then Miami Metro would have found an obituary or record of his death somewhere.

Damn. I was hoping for a Fight Club-esque twist to this season.

We did discover that Travis is an unreliable character; he’s susceptible to hallucinations. For a brief moment, he sees Gellar bleeding while they pray. Then Gellar’s brow is clear. Does that hold any promise for Gellar’s nonexistence? Not likely given what I’ve mentioned above. Sigh.

Mike points out that the Doomsday killer is a messenger: his killings serve to warn others, to spread a message that the apocalypse is coming. This raises yet another important and fascinating question to us as viewers: What purpose do Dexter’s murders have?

Dexter serves justice to those who do evil, and he stops serial killers from killing again. But what about all of the other serial killers out there who Dexter can’t reach? Could Dexter send an even stronger message by showing everyone the fruits of his work? Could Dexter clean the streets of Miami and send a message to other murderers, and the families of the victims, that evil won’t win?

I cheered at the throwback to Season 1, when Dexter caught the child killing priest by wrapping wire around his neck in his car. Dexter catches Travis in a similar way, but unfortunately, Travis convinces Dexter that he’s just an accomplice; Gellar is the real target.

Dexter is now giving advice to others about finding the light. It seems like Brother Sam’s messages are getting through.

Dexter believes in a constant struggle between Light and Dark, and he ponders if maybe the light can sometimes win out. Harrison is his light; Can his son keep Dexter from killing? When he met the old, lonely Tooth Fairy, Dexter thought of his own fate and how Harrison would handle knowing that Dexter is a killer. Can Dexter change his way by focusing exclusively on his son?

And what an ending to the episode! The man or woman who shot Brother Sam had better hope that God exists to save him from Dexter’s wrath. Because Dexter is about to send his own message.

Overall: 9/10

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