What is the purpose of faith? Fulfillment? Peace of mind? The same question should be made of trust, a “lower” level of faith: how much trust should we have in each other?

“A Horse of Different Color” is light on action but heavy with very important discussions/examples of faith.

I’m glad to see that Dexter attends the baptism led by Brother Sam; the scene began the discussion on faith and belief. Dexter notices that belief creates fulfillment for Brother Sam, not “reality.” Brother Sam believes that salvation comes from God, so he feels good about himself regardless of what the reality may be (he’s an ex-con, a murderer, etc.). This fascinates Dexter and leads him to begin questioning his own beliefs.

When Dexter explains that the Earth’s rotating on its axis explains the rising and setting of the sun, Brother Sam doesn’t’ skip a beat: “So you do believe in something greater than yourself.” What else can Dexter do but pause and smirk. One point for Brother Sam.

If only Brother Sam knew that Dexter believes in a higher power too: the Dark Passenger.

In the crime scene involving the horses and mannequins, we get our second mention of Rudy, Dexter’s Brother, a.k.a. the Ice Truck Killer. I’m not exactly sure what’s brewing with all of these direct references to other serial killers, but I like it. I hope it leads to something. Just what do the writers have in mind?

Speaking of the other serial killers, what’s the deal with Ryan? She’s got an unhealthy fascination with the Trinity and several other cases Dexter has been involved in. I don’t buy the whole having to pay for rent excuse, and neither does Masuka. He gained a lot more respect from me for sticking to his principles. I expected him to fold when Ryan tried to flirt with him, but Masuka’s got some self-control! Let’s see if this is the last we see of Ryan . . .

We also have a bit of theme going on with Matthews crapping on LaGuerta and LaGuerta crapping on Deb. Ah, politics! Deb has a certain amount of faith in La Guerta, which is why she listens to her advice when LaGuerta tells her to “be herself” during her press conference. LaGuerta definitely wanted Deb to fail, but thankfully that didn’t happen. Matthews actually congratulates Deb! This is one triangle of power that’s going to get a lot more complicated as the season progresses.

I also like Mike so far; he speaks his mind, telling Deb she dresses pretty much like a cowgirl. And she actually cares about his opinion enough to start wearing a suit! There seems to be something blossoming between the two of them. It’ll be interesting to see what develops.

Plus, Quinn hates him, and anyone who gets on Quinn’s nerves this season is an automatic favorite of mine. Quinn can smoke as many blunts as he wants: he has a long way to gain my respect again.

So, Geller, Travis’s mentor, may in fact be a real person because Mike finds a website supposedly run by him, and Geller is I.D.’d as a professor who went underground a few years ago.

However, I still can’t shake the feeling that that Geller exists only in Travis’s head; in the diner, the waitress comes over and offers Travis coffee but doesn’t make eye contact with the mentor at all or ask if he wants anything to eat or drink. It’s starting to get all Fight Club-esque. I’m not complaining; I like the execution so far. It isn’t simply someone talking in his ear like Dexter and Harry. The cuts on the mannequin’s body are different, which causes Dexter to believe it’s two different people committing.

Also, the waitress doesn’t even look at Geller when she’s tied up on the kitchen floor. Just what is going on?

Back to Brother Sam; it seems like he’s quickly becoming a mentor to Dexter. It’s good to see Dexter find a guide besides his father. Lela was a love interest/kindred spirit, and Miguel was a “friend.” But Dexter hasn’t had someone to look up to and learn from. He’s always been the teacher. Now it seems as though he has someone he can trust and put his faith in. Who better than Brother Sam? They’re both born in blood. But Brother Sam seems normal, seems changed. Dexter wants to know what caused it.

I truly hope this relationship doesn’t turn sour like Dexter’s other friendships.

And Dexter praying? Holy crap! God seems to work in mysterious ways, whether through coffee cups in a vending machine or getting an atheist serial killer to talk to him. It was great to see Dexter genuinely relieved and thanking God when he found out that Harrison was ok. It was so out of character and smells of personal growth. We might be watching the birth of Brother Dexter. :)

I’m interested to see what kind of discussion Travis and Dexter have over the course of the season now that Dexter has seen him. Will Dexter find a way to reconcile that little bit of religious faith that’s growing inside of him with the Dark Passenger? Only time will tell . . .

Overall, this was a great episode of Dexter that dealt with the fascinating issue of faith through the eyes of a faithless serial killer.

Score: 9.5/10

Please guys, tell me if I’m crazy or onto something: is Geller, Travis’s Mentor, real or not?