Pimp your Nintendo 3DS in preparation for Mario Kart 7 with these awesome cases from GamingZap.

Each case comes with a limited edition stylus with some pretty cool designs. Check them out below.

Mario Kart Crystal Armour 3DS Case Kit

The detail on the stylus looks great, and the checkered flag cloth is a nice touch. :)

Mario Kart Nintendo 3DS Pouch kit

It may be soft and won’t protect your 3DS like a hard case would, but it sure looks stylish!

Mario Kart Universal DS Hard Case Kit

The best part about this case is that it’ll fit all of the DS consoles (3DS/ DSi/ DSi XL/ DS Lite).

The artwork on all of these cases is amazing, and the prices are competitive. The cases will arrive in Europe on December 2nd, Japan on December 1st, and North America on December 4th. You can pre-order now, however.

Which case would you want to cover your 3DS in?