What’ll they think of next? Smartphones are becoming the Swiss Army Knives for our tech needs, and Wanderplayer wants to add yet another tool: computer game controller.

Wanderplayer’s software-which is installed on your phone and on your computer-allows gamers to use a wireless connection to sync their phones with their computers to control video games. From the video below, the software seems limited to browser based games (no controlling Deus Ex: Human Revolution with your iPhone just yet), but the potential for more complicated games is definitely there.

There’s also no multiplayer yet, but the Wanderplayer’s founders, Femi Omojola and Ayo Omojola, are working on it. Femi Omojola told Mashable ““You could have a football game where all 11 players on the field are being controlled.” This would happen all on one computer screen. Very cool.

Check out the demo to see how the software works:


I’m an old school, tactile button kind of guy, even when it comes to texting on my phone. However, Wanderplayer’s software has me pretty excited to at least try it out.  Check out Wanderplayer’s website to download the phone app for Android and iPhone as well as the PC and Mac software.

Would you use your cellphone as a controller?