“Last Exile” is a continuation of an anime that was released 2003.  8 years ago!! Titled Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing- (ラストエグザイル~銀翼のファム~ ), this anime will be “a new series of Last Exile with a fresh new story, characters, and mechanical designs.” Koichi Chigira, Last Exile’s director, will return to direct the anime. Range Murata and Makoto Kobayashi will also return to provide the series with its unique visual style. Music will again be done by Hitomi Kuroishi.

From the 1st episode I’ve determined that the story will revolve around the conflict between the Ades Federation and the Kingdom of Turan.  As war emerges between the two nations, 2 young Vanship pilots are caught in the mix.


Here are my initial thoughts on the 1st episode:

-       Wow, I’ve forgotten all about the original Last Exile story.  I hope I don’t need to know it

-       Love the Music !! Both OP & ED songs are good, ^^

-       Damn the animation is so pretty.

-       I LOVE the skyships and sky battles…. Free falling through skies….

-       Love the character and ship designs.

-       DIO~!  My memory is bad but I know he was in the original….


I saw the original Last Exile because it was a fresh anime in a sea of generic animes.  This continuation of the series is another breath of fresh air.  The music is unique and the story is pretty darn cool.  I dare you to watch episode and tell me it’s something you’ve seen before….(unless you’ve seen the original anime from 2003).  Along with Persona 4, it looks like this is another anime I’ll be watching this season.

You can get the first episode at our favorite anime site:


Bittorrent knowledge is required!  Once it is licensed don’t share it!   Last Exile has been added to our queue.  Download the first episode and let us know what you think!

Its also on hulu +