Impotence. No one wants to feel weak. It’s true in life and in video games. You might start off as the under-dog, but that can’t last for the entire game. You want to start conquering something, anything. And when you do, it feels oh so good.

Here’s a short list of the games that make you feel powerful, invincible; they make you feel . . .



Crysis 2
You are a nanosuit-wearing force of science. You tear off turrets from armored trucks; you can reinforce your body so that it’s stronger than steel, walk straight into a red hot line of fire, and mow down your enemies. God help them if you feel like using your fists instead.

You are the Predator reborn; your camouflage lets you move around unseen. Not in the shadows; not from a distance: right in front of your enemies. When you’re tired of staring at their ugly faces, you plunge a cybernetic blade into their chests.

You are a human wreckingball. You leap from buildings to buildings in a war torn New York City as if it were your personal playground. From the heavens you drop like a fallen angel onto a foolish enemy, and then charge into his friends without skipping a beat.
There isn’t a moment in Crysis 2 when you don’t feel like a badass. Ever.


Remember in the Matrix when Neo failes to jump across a street onto another building?

In Crackdown, you don’t miss. You can leap up from the streets below and grab onto ledges, propelling yourself higher up the side of skyscrapers. At the top, you survey your neon-lit domain and super-jump over to the next building with ease.

In Pacific City,  your speed and agility evolve; you can pick up and chuck cars at enemies, or maybe you’d prefer to kick a gang-banger with enough strength to send him flying several feet.

You can also hop into a car that morphs depending on how well you drive. That’s right: you can level up your frickin’ car. You know you’re a badass when that baddassity extends to everything you touch.

Your mission? To take down drug lords and gang leaders single handedly as if it were just another 9 to 5 job.

Oh, and if you die, there’s an infinite number of clones that are just as badass as you that will take over. Your power fantasies have just come true, my friends.


Night vision goggles? No, sir. You rely on your keen, ninja senses to survey the landscape for any threats. Radar? Pfft, not ever. Your 6th sense measures your enemy’s spiritual energy to reveal if he’s close, far, alert, or passive.

And when you get close to him, your sharp blade, bathed in the blood of countless murders, will decapitate, gut, or slice your enemies in complete silence.

You also have an assortment of mystical, killing tools at your disposal. A well aimed shuriken can kill an enemy in one shot. Or perhaps a blowgun would suit your needs better. Take advantage of hungry guards by dropping poisoned treats on the ground and watch them writhe in pain moments before you end their miserable lives.

While other men may fight only humans and aliens, you are a shadow who destroys the minions of the underworld itself. Your ancient katana has tasted the life-stuff of demons and gods. The spirit realm trembles when it hears your name.

I don’t know how to say “badass” in Japanese, but I’d reckon it sounds a lot like “Tenchu.”


Tell us what games make you feel like a total badass when you play them.