I’m a huge fan of Dexter, but there hasn’t been a great, major video game based on the show for consoles or the PC yet. Here are a few suggestions for a video game about a serial killer who hunts other serial killers.

Crime Scene Investigations “Day”

Besides the big payoff at the end of each episode, part of what adds suspense to the show is the hunt. To catch the main serial killer in a season, Dexter has to piece together evidence from the crime scenes in order to make progress. The same would happen in the Dexter game.

Thanks to L.A. Noire, we have a pretty good idea of how crime scene investigation could work out. Dexter arrives at the scene and starts examining evidence; you’d be able to pose scenarios based on blood spatter found near the victims, the type of wound, and other clues in the environment. Players would then run DNA and other lab tests (hair samples, semen, etc.) along with Masuka to try and narrow down who the suspect might be.

"This looks like the MO of the Slasher . . ."


Stealth: “Dark”

Investigations would be split into two parts: “Day” and “Dark.” The Crime Scene description above would qualify as day, but “Dark” would involve gathering evidence illegally. This would involve posing as someone else to get close to the target, breaking into their home, or hacking into databases. Here, we would see the Dark Passenger at his best; Dexter’s is a hunter, and his instincts are razor sharp.

“Dark” mode would also include serial killer takedowns. Whether he’s trailing them in a car or sneaking up behind them in an empty parking lot, Dexter will have to be careful when he finally decides to capture a murderer. This part would play out similar to Splinter Cell Conviction; when you’re in the shadows, the world goes black and white, and no one can see you. Pop out of the shadow with a syringe in your hand, and the world becomes bright again.

Like this except in the streets of Miami.

If you miss your chance or if you get spotted, you’ll have to chase the guy down before he reaches a public place.

Finally, you would be able to put different pieces of evidence around your target once you’ve captured him and tied down. Choose the right pictures, videos, or anything else that will freak out the murderer; who knows? Maybe he’ll give up valuable information you could use . . .


Side Missions

Side Missions would definitely have to involve other killers; I don’t want a timed driving mission where I have to drop Harrison off at preschool before 8:00 in the morning.  Dexter isn’t going to just sit on his hands all day while he waits for new evidence to pop up for the main serial killer. Players could log into the Miami PD criminal database to see who’s out on parole, watch the local news or read a newspaper for any grizzly killings that have no leads, or walk into the police station to see if any cases have opened up. Deb, Angel, and the rest of the officers would hold meetings occasionally to brief everyone on cases. Dexter can then follow up on those leads or decide to find his own.


Character Customization

Side missions will reward you with points that you can spend on improving Dexter’s abilities and they’ll also unlock new weapons to help him hunt his targets. It would work similarly to Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s customization system works.

Sadly, there would be no "human heart" upgrade.


  • Players can improve Dexter’s ability to hack computers more easily and find out more information on his targets.
  • They can also choose to improve Dexter’s persuasion when talking to his targets or anyone he’s trying to get information from. New dialogue options would open up like in Fallout 3 and Knights of the Old Republic.


Maybe Harry could offer advice on what to say


  • This would also allow players to learn more about their targets once they’re tied down and ready to be killed
  • Or they can upgrade his logic and reasoning skills so that he can make connections between evidence more easily.
  • Maybe you want to make him stronger so that he can lug around the unconscious bodies of your targets much more easily before getting caught.

There’d be many more ways to level up Dexter into the type of serial killer you want him to be.

As for weapons, well, different tiers of tranquilizers would be available as well as customizable knives for when you finally put your target on a slab and prepare to end him or her.


Dark Passenger Meter

Dexter can pursue the main serial killer/storyline, but he’ll start to lose his edge. Enter the Dark Passenger Meter. It could be similar to “sanity” in Amnesia. If you haven’t played it, Amenia is a horror adventure game in which you have to stay in the light to keep sane. If it goes dark for too long, you start hearing and seeing things, and you’ll eventually freak out and die.

Hmm, I wonder what Dexter would see if he freaked out . . .

In the game, the Dark Passenger will become hungry and begin to trip Dexter up when he interacts with other people. He’ll need to quiet that part of him if he hopes to survive and focus on catching the main serial killer. Otherwise, his façade will start to crumble, and people will start to question his judgment. You won’t be able to fit the pieces together in an investigation as well as you normally would. So even if you have a blood sample and a knife that prove your target did it, you won’t be able to focus enough to put the pieces together. Maybe Dexter will even start seeing things too . . .

Time to get out there and start killing!


What would you like to see in a Dexter videogame?