Ashley Ao. I predict you’ll be hearing more about this silent young woman very soon. Developed by Honey Tribe Studios and Salamandanga for iOS and Android phones, Ashley Ao is a fluid, hand-drawn sidescroller in which you run swiftly like a ninja and switch between the slightly shadowed background and foreground with a swipe of your fingers.

The game takes place on a distant planet that is being terraformed by an alien species. The planet isn’t producing as much materials as the aliens once thought, however, and Ashley Ao has been hired to resolve the situation.

Ashley will have to fight her way towards a resolution; she’ll clobber enemies with continuous combos by timing button presses without having to stop or slow down.

Take a look at this beautifully animated game in action:


There’s also a penalty for letting too many enemies pass you by (by switching between the back- and foreground), but that penalty is a mystery, just like the release date: TBD.

I’m continuously amazed by how great mobile games are starting to look and play. Ashley Ao reminds me of a simpler Mirror’s Edge; this game is officially on my radar.