That sympathy I had for Quinn last episode? A lot of it disappeared once I saw him trying to turn Angel against Debra, creating a problem that doesn’t exist. “You let these f—ing people walk all over you” indeed, Quinn. He even goes so far as to call Angel “Mr. LaGuerta.” Then he challenges Deb in front of all the other officers, which draw’s LaGuerta’s attention. What an asshole! Dexter may need to give Quinn an attitude adjustment pronto.

It was great to see Angel help Deb out. He’s got a big heart, and his frustration over not being promoted was never towards Morgan; its LaGuerta’s games that finally caught up to him instead of her. He really needs a break, and I’m hoping this season sees Angel get some joy in his life. At least he gets a kickass car.

I was surprised to see a throwback to Season 1 with the Ice Truck Killer’s hand. Is this a Breaking Bad-esque smoking gun that’ll pop up sometime later in the season? Why is Masuka’s intern, Ryan, so obsessed with the Ice Truck Killer, going so far as to steal evidence? Maybe she has an aspiring dark passenger lurking under her . . . inquisitive personality.

And Walter Kenny as Dexter’s next victim is an odd change of pace; a geriatric serial killer? And Ronny Cox no less, Mr. Dick Jones himself of Robocop fame. Dexter’s hunts are always entertaining partly because his targets have no idea what he is, so they never see him coming. They’ve gone years without being punished: who would actually hunt them down? Dexter. But when they find out, it’s far too late. But not Walter! Dexter feels a bit of pity for him and let’s his guard down, and Walter got the drop on him. Not bad for an old serial killer.

It’s funny to see Dexter think about his own end when he see Walter’s life. He’s worried if that’s what awaits him; it’s not a serious philosophical reflection, but it does raise the question of what will Dexter be doing IF he even reaches that age? Walter has a son just like Dexter, so there was once some kind of family there. Is Walter an omen of Dexter’s future?

Dexter does seem a bit worried and angry once Walter’s on the slab; Dexter doesn’t want his son to know who he is, ever, but will he be able to keep it from his son until he’s old and grey?

And what’s the deal with Travis’s mentor? I’m starting to suspect that maybe he’s a figment of his imagination, just like Harry is to Dexter. He manipulates objects in the real world, like painting the mannequin’s head, and burning himself with a hot metal rod in the last episode, but that could easily just be what Travis see.

Overall, I was really entertained by this episode. It didn’t move the plot forward much, and it didn’t develop the idea of change and redemption that was so interesting in the last episode. However, It struck some great chords with me: I’m angry at Quinn for being a jerk, and I can’t help but feel sympathy for Deb because she’s trying really hard to keep it together and do good;  it was great to watch Deb stick it to LaGuerta and assert her dominance over Mike Anderson, the new recruit. I’m intrigued by Travis and his mentor, and I just had plain fun watching Dexter and Walter’s scenes.

Oh, and the last scene with Dexter is perfect. I can imagine old man Dexter fumbling with his slides.

Score: 9/10

What are you thoughts on this episode of Dexter?