Devil May Cry was one of the first and best PS2 games I owned. There was nothing quite like it: the environments and enemies had a Castlevania gothic-vibe to their design,  and the exploration was similar to Metroid in that you had to find the right tool to continue exploring.

Today, Capcom released a few more details on the upcoming Devil May Cry HD collection, which include Devil May Cry 1, 2, and Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening Special Edition; the third game’s special edition had a new recurring enemy and gave players the ability to play as Virgil, Dante’s brother.

Of course, the first difference with the new release is the updated graphics. It isn’t mind-blowingly upgraded, but the textures are noticeably sharper and cleaner than the PS2 version.

You can really tell the upgrade in the resolution when you compare the PS2 versions with the HD Collection:

Devil May Cry PS2

Devil May Cry HD Collection

Hopefully the framerate is silkly smooth as well.

In addition to improved graphics,the game will also include new bonus content though it wasn’t revealed exactly what the content will be (online multiplayer of some kind, maybe? Co-op at least?). The HD Collection will also support Trophies and Achievements on the PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively.

The game will be released sometime in early 2012 for $39.99. Considering that you’re getting 2 spectacular games and 1 “meh” game (Devil May Cry 2 is largely considered to be inferior to the other two games, with reason), $39.99 is a steal.

Of course, being the thrifty gamers that we are here at Wrixel, if we run across any deals for the HD Collection, we’ll certainly pass it on to you.

Tell us: what was the last Devil May Cry game you played?