I’ll try to keep this review as objective as possible but I love the “Persona” series so please excuse me if I sound like a fanboy.  “Persona 4 Anime” is based off the very popular JRPG with the same title.  I consider it the LAST best JRPG of our time.  :*(  This is a brand new series that aired with the new fall anime season.

Here are my initial thoughts on the 1st episode:

-       Its Persona 4 !! <3 (ok deep breathes)

-       Love the Music !!

-       Love the animation style….

-       Feels exactly like the GAME!

-       Almost feels like a “Let’s Play” of Persona 4…

-       Yuki <3 !!

If you have realized yet…. I really enjoyed the first episode of Persona 4.  I can definitely recommend it anyone.  It didn’t feel cheesy or a straight copy of the game.  In fact it adds more detail to the story that you didn’t get from the original game.  The anime has heavy Japanese culture references and memes so if you aren’t a fan of that, than this anime might not be for you.


You can get the first episode at our favorite anime site:


Bittorrent knowledge is required!  Once it is licensed don’t share it!   Persona 4 is worthy addition to my anime rotation and definitely worth a look!  Download the first episode and let us know what you think!