We can’t help but ravenously consume every delicious morsel of information that Nintendo offers us. Howver, this latest news is a satisfying meal. :)

Link has a new whip weapon that he can use to attack enemies and grab items. It’ll be interesting to see how the whip is integrated into puzzles; with the Wii Remote Plus addon, I’m sure it’ll at least control smoothly. Nintendo also revealed that while Link is on the ground, he can select and switch out his weapons in realtime rather than having to pause the game and enter a menu.

Throughout his journey, Link will also find different insects that he can use to augment potions he can purchase throughout Skyloft. Gamers will be able to experiment with different bugs and potions to find that perfect concoction.

Lake Floria is a newly announced area of the Faron Woods; Lake Floria is home to a squid-like people who make up the Prella Tribe. Since the main means of traveling in Lake Floria is swimming, Nintendo mentions that the Wii Remote Plus will give players a natural way to control Link. Wii breast strokes? It also seems that the Faron Woods will change in some form throughtout your adventure; when the environment changes, you’ll have new areas to explore, new discoveries to make, and you’ll need to use new means to get around.

Update: Well looky here: Some Screenshots!. :)

Who else is excited about The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword?