Our world sucks. Unless you’re a shaman or a Wiccan Witch of the West, you know that magic doesn’t exist in the real world. Neither do zombies, vampires, or affordable healthcare.

That’s why we play videogames: to escape our boring world and enter one that would let us ride a dragon or yell really loudly as we powered up for an ultra energy attack. But which worlds are the most deserving of our visit? 5’s and 10’s are the usual number of items on a “Top ___” list, so I decided to do a Top 6 ½ instead.

Note: The list is not presented in order of importance or rank.


1) Azeroth (Warcraft/World of Warcraft)

Honestly, this place has everything:
1) Gnomes and goblins who build steampunk creations.
2) Magical artifacts with unimaginable power just waiting to be discovered on mountains and in iceblocks.
3) Dragons that control every major aspect of Azerothian’s lives.
4) Immortality (Come on, just about everyone who has ever died in Azeroth has come back to life).
Plus ,there’s always some awesome war going on; if it isn’t the Sourge, it’s the Burning Legion. If not them, then the Black Dragonflight. If not them, then some dragonkin are trying to go back to the past to make sure you were never born.
Oh yeah,
5) Time Travel a la Back to the Future. Great Scott!

For the Horde!


2) Nosgoth (The Legacy of Kain Series)

Now this one all depends on who I am: human or vampire.

Of course, I’d want to be a vampire who has been alive for centuries, living a hedonistic life of excess; I’d laugh at the gods and live only for myself, feasting on the humans who scurry about in the dirt.This is a world where supernatural, Faustian bargains are possible. In real life, you live, you die, and the maggots get you. In Nosgoth, like Azeroth, there’s a second chance.

Sure, free will is an illusion, but it’s an illusion in the real world too, and you don’t see people crying about it. If you’re going to be a slave, you might as well be one that can drink blood or absorb souls.

You can also become even more powerful by absorbing the abilities of your vampire brethren like Megaman or Highlander.

THIS vampire doesn't twinkle in the daylight.


3) Skies of Arcadia

You’re a Pirate who flies around the world on an airship; you shoot huge monsters with your cannons, have two hot young ladies by your side at all times, and you regularly find treasure and priceless artifacts.

Do I even need to justify this further? Zelda: Skyward Sword was totally inspired by this game’s design since both games feature floating islands that the hero must travel between.
Therefore, and this is important, Skies of Arcadia’s world is SO cool that even Link wants to live in it. So much so that he now does.


Substitute airships for birds and you've got Skyward Sword :)

4) Japan (Persona)

This is a tough one. Persona technically takes place in Japan, but it’s obviously not our Japan. This Japan has demons who run rampant and kill students. You can talk to demons and convince them to fight with you, and when you spread a rumor, it can come true.

“Psst, hey, I’m actually a millionaire MMA master who’s married to a supermodel. Pass it on!”

There’s even a post-apocalyptic version of this Japan that’s even cooler; we’re introduced to it in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. It’s frickin’ Fallout with demons!

Fighting demon children one classroom at a time

5) Nirn, Tamriel (The Elder Scrolls)

Honestly, I feel like I’ve already lived in the Elder Scrolls world. I’ve invested so many hours into those games. Everything you could possibly want in a world is available: magical beings, powerful magic, werewolves, dragons, powerful armor. Visiting Tamriel would be a LARPer’s wet dream.

Also, you get to live amongst and interact with gods. GODS! There’s no need for existential questions like “does God exist?” The answer is simple: “Uh, yeah, he lives right here in Vivec. Go say hi.”

Also, you can ride a giant flea between cities.

Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads. Except the one we have to travel on.

5) Rapture (Bioshock)

“A man chooses, a slave obeys”—Andrew Ryan.

I choose to live in Rapture; the proverbial Atlantis where anything is possible. Man is freed from the shackles of altruistic morality. Rapture is the birthplace of creativity; man can truly evolve on his own terms.

He can also shoot deadly bees out of his forearm.

There are few places more awesome than Rapture. If I lived there, I’d watch the whales swim by outside of the giant glass windows and perfect my writings in the warm glow of a fire, flickering gently on my free hand’s fingertips.

I can only imagine the great advances that I’d witness in that Objectivistic Garden in the shade. We would be, so happy you and me, no one there to tell us what to do . . . :)

You can even carry a gun in a major metropolis.

6 1/2) Unamed World (Final Fantasy VI)

Final Fantasy VI is the greatest RPG of all time. This is a fact, just like the fact that the Godfather is the greatest movie of all time.

So, naturally, the world in which the best RPG in the history of videogamedom is a world I’d want to live in. However, that little ½ in this article’s title applies to this world before it’s destroyed (a.k.a the World of Ruin). I mean, who wants to live in a world where Death flies across the skies every day, and you have to climb an impossibly high tower to fight a cyborg?

Before Kefka messes everything up and then laughs hysterically about it, FF VI’s world was pretty awesome. You had magic, technology, and an airship, not to mention a castle that could submerge into the sand and relocate.

Sure, the empire was oppressive, but that brought out the best in everyone. There were literally handfuls of heroes that you could choose to play as from the stoic samurai Cyan to the feral child Gau. Everyone needs something to fight for, and these brave adventurers found it!

And then the world was almost completely annihilated.

Just beautiful :)


What videogame world would you like to live in most? Share your best answers in the comments below.